I’m a busy mum-of-five – people always want to know how I keep on top of my laundry & I’ve got the perfect hack

A BUSY mum-of-five has revealed the simple laundry system she follows so that she never falls behind – and people are calling it “genius.”

Emily, who is from the US, took to TikTok and wrote: “Mum-of-5 laundry system explained!”

Emily, who is a mum-of-five, from the US, shared her impressive laundry systemCredit: TikTok / @eyelasheswithemily

Emily, her husband and each of their kids have their very own laundry basket

Emily, her husband and each of their kids have their very own laundry basketCredit: TikTok / @eyelasheswithemily

“Do a load every day works best for us…try it and see if you can stay on top of laundry.”

In a short video, she can then be seen showing off a stack of seven washing baskets in her utility room, which are stored next to the washing machine and dryer.

“I’m a mum with five kids and this is what our laundry system looks like,” she explains.

“Each kid has a basket and my husband and I also have our own basket so we have a total of seven.”

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“Every night I have my kids bring down their clothes and they dump it into the blue basket. The blue basket gets dumped into the wash.’

She continues: “Since I have a newborn I’m up in the middle of the night.”

At some point in the night I move what’s in the washer into the dryer – that is key.”

It doesn’t matter what time of day but you have to at some point get the clothes from the washer into the dryer so they’re dry.”

“Then I fold in the morning first thing and store them in the kids’ baskets and then they can take their own baskets to put away.”

And the post quickly garnered over 133,000 views and was inundated with comments from impressed parents across the globe.

“This is genius! Definitely need to try!” enthused one.

A second praised: “Love this! I do the same basket thing. But the shelving is genius!.”

Another mum told how she was already familiar with the laundry system.

“Mum of 6 and I do this too, been doing it years,” she commented, to which Emily replied: “It’s the only way to stay on top of it.”

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Elsewhere, one joked: “How did you convince the husband to take part in this? Mine will leave his dirty clothes on the floor next to a hamper.”

In response, Emily quipped: “Oh. I didn’t show the closet when I gather the clothes.”

Emily's kids put their dirty washing in the blue basket every night

Emily’s kids put their dirty washing in the blue basket every nightCredit: TikTok / @eyelasheswithemily


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