I went for my usual morning school run and everyone kept staring at me

A MUM’S mortified after she realised a major fashion mishap she had made on the morning school run.

Taking it to TikTok, the user @Ash&ChelsLifeStories shared the hilarious storytime, which left the viewers in stitches.

The mum was branded an ”icon” by one viewerCredit: TikTok/@ashandchelslifestories

She shared the fail on TikTok, where the video has gone viral

She shared the fail on TikTok, where the video has gone viralCredit: TikTok/@ashandchelslifestories

In a video, that’s taken the internet by storm, racking up more than 1.6 million views in just one day, the mum explained she was doing her usual parenting duties and dropping her child off at school.

”I kept noticing all the parents were looking at me,” the mortified mum said whilst walking in the sun.

”I thought ‘Eugh, why you looking at me like that, you f*****g weirdos, I don’t talk to nobody, like leave me be’.

”And then I noticed one guy was looking at my t**s – obviously.”

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However, it very quickly dawned on her – she was wearing a white t-shirt with a large design that read ”P**SY POWER” in a dark red print.

”And there’s six-year-olds asking what that means.

”Tell ’em,” the mum said in the clip, which has been liked by almost 185,000 social media users.

The wardrobe blunder left many in hysterics, with some taking it to comments to share their thoughts, like this person: ”Haha please wear more educational t-shirts, let’s teach the kids the truth.”

One amused user joked: ”No doubt there will be a message on the school app or whatever saying for parents to wear appropriate clothing.”

A few also shared their mortifying fashion fails, with one mum confessing: ”My daughter was rushed into A&E by ambulance a few weeks ago, I was in my pyjamas. just so happened to be the ones saying….Let the P*ssy see the C*ck.”

Another commented: ”my husband went to my daughters parents evening with a t-shirt that said “it ain’t gonna suck itself”.”

Despite the funny fail, the popular TikTok mum has also received a lot of backlash for not wearing a bra whilst on the school run.

”Last time I checked, most of the population have nipples, no?” she hit back at the online trolls in another video.

”How scared are you of your own nips? Are you throwing up at the daily at the sight of your bare nipples without a bra?

”What do you think I’m doing? Going into the school with my actual t**s out hitting reception children in the face […]?

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”Sorry but I don’t see men wearing bras?” the mum went on a rant.

”Are men walking around with their nipples poking through their t-shirts? Yes, they are.”

The mum also hit back at online trolls who had an issue with her not wearing a bra

The mum also hit back at online trolls who had an issue with her not wearing a braCredit: TikTok/@ashandchelslifestories


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