I want to name my daughter after the place she was conceived

WHEN it comes to baby names, they’re completely subjective – and you’re not going to please everyone.

And one anonymous man, whose wife is 21 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, is already worrying about the rather unique moniker they’ve fallen in love with.

An anonymous man told how he and his wife wanted to create a 'conscious conception ceremony' so travelled to French Polynesia in the hope of conceiving (stock image)

An anonymous man told how he and his wife wanted to create a ‘conscious conception ceremony’ so travelled to French Polynesia in the hope of conceiving (stock image)Credit: Getty

Taking to Reddit, he explained how they’ve narrowed down a list of baby names, with one standing out as a clear favourite – but he admits there’s one problem.

“It’s also the name of a Disney character…and were not ‘Disney people,” he wrote.

Offering a backstory, he continued: “We have been together for 10 years and we always knew we wanted to create what we called a conscious conception ceremony.”

He went on to explain how they travelled into the Pacific to French Polynesia to conceive.

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“We had the most amazing trip and spent a ton of time in the ocean scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming with whales and turtles, and feeling like the fertility of the ocean there was what helped us concede so quickly on our first try,” he continued.

The man then explained that when they started looking into names, they looked into Polynesian words and found that the word for ocean or deep sea is Moana.

He admitted: “It felt like the one. And then it hit us – if we choose this as her name, she will spend her entire life being associated with the Disney movie.

When we tell people her name, I can already hear the response, ‘Oh, like the Disney character!'”

The confused man went on to ask the public what they thought of the name Moana.  

“Wtf is a conscious conception ceremony, I hate it already,” wrote one.

A second penned: “I mean she got knocked up on vacation. It’s not that uncommon. Idk why they have to frame it like this except they’re douche bags.

“They’re definitely gonna tell everyone why this poor girl is named Moana so that’s gross.”

A third agreed: “Maybe I’m a prude but it disgusts me when couples talk openly about where they conceived and want to incorporate it into their baby’s name.

“Like I remember at school we had to talk about how we got our names. I got mine off a TV Show. Can you imagine this poor kid being like ‘I was consciouslllllyy conceeeiveeed in Tahiti’.”

Elsewhere, others mocked the idea of naming a baby after where they were conceived.

“My twins are both named IVF. Gets confusing,” joked one.

A second penned: “That makes me ‘Bedroom’ and it’s so basic. I might change it to ‘Beadrym’ because it’s more unique.”

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Another quipped: “That’s so charming! My baby is ‘drunk at Christmas’.”

And a further added: “My daughter’s name is Shower Or Balcony because I’m not sure which one did the job.”


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