I told my girlfriend I thought our newborn was ugly

MOST people think of their baby as adorable, but apparently not this dad.

Taking to Reddit he explained that he told his girlfriend he thought their baby was ugly and couldn’t understand why she hasn’t spoken to him since.

The dad claimed his baby wasn’t ‘pretty’ and couldn’t understand why his girlfriend was offended by the commentCredit: Getty

The 22-year-old said he and his girlfriend only welcomed their daughter into the world yesterday.

He confessed: “The baby was ugly, to be perfectly candid. She’s mine, and I love her, but she was NOT a pretty baby.”

Before he and his 23-year-old girlfriend went to bed he casually brought up the fact she wasn’t a cute baby.

The dad explained: “My girlfriend and I were casually chatting before bed and I brought this up, telling her our daughter wasn’t exactly easy on the eyes.”

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He was baffled that she was upset by his confession, adding “she was upset, which I find odd.

“I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings, I was just telling her how I felt about our kid.

“I don’t think she had to be offended. Not every child can be cute.”

The baby’s mum hasn’t spoken to her partner since as she was seriously offended by his comment.

The dad later explained he said it jokingly and didn’t call his daughter straight-up ugly.

Now his partner was mad and avoided speaking to him, he didn’t know what to do or if he took it too far.

But Reddit users were quick to say he was in the wrong for his comment, whatever way it came out.

One user wrote: “What a completely unnecessary thing to say. And what a completely unnecessary judgement to pass on a newborn baby girl.”

“How in the blue hell did you get a woman pregnant if your social skills are bad enough that you need Reddit to tell you that you shouldn’t tell a woman her newborn baby is ugly?” Added another user scathingly.

A third commented: “It doesn’t matter if the baby looks like a damn gremlin. You don’t say it to the mother even if you’re the father. Just don’t.”


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