I made my 11-year-old daughter cancel her birthday party because she was rude to her friend, everyone thinks I was harsh

A WOMAN has revealed how she cancelled her daughter’s birthday party last month after she witnessed her being rude to a friend.

She wanted to give her daughter Abby a big birthday party with all of her girl friend’s in their backyard and told Reddit why she decided to cancel it.

The young girl was forced to cancel her birthday party the day before it was supposed to happenCredit: Getty

But she decided to cancel after hearing her daughter be ‘rude’ about her ‘only friend’ on the phone to another girl in her class.

The mum gave some backstory, saying her daughter had ADHD and Autism so this would have been her first party with friends, as she has often struggled to make them.

Unfortunately, the young girl’s best friend, Taylor, couldn’t make her party which obviously upset her daughter.

When a friend asked Abby whether Taylor was coming the day before the party was scheduled, she replied; ‘no, she’s lame and can’t come.’

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The mum went on: “I felt that she didn’t deserve to have a party if she couldn’t cherish her friend, and decided to teach her a lesson.

“I made her call all 12 girls that were invited (including the ones she had already called to tell the information) and explain to them that there wasn’t going to be a party after all, because she was being punished for saying something rude about Taylor.

“She was appropriately embarrassed and cried a lot, and I think definitely learned her lesson.”

The mum explained that she thought it was incredibly mean to call her only friend ‘lame’ and felt like Abby was behaving horribly.

However, when Taylor stayed round for a sleepover last week her mum said how she and the other parents had discussed how her punishment was ‘too harsh’ for Abby.

She suggested the mum go easier on Abby as she was a sweet and sensitive kid.

The mum continued: “I brushed it off until she left, but got annoyed that other parents are judging me for my actions when my kid did something that was NOT sweet or sensitive.”

When Taylor’s mum picked her up the following day she again reiterated that Abby was a sweet kid and that the punishment was too harsh.

Abby’s mum was growing tired of people questioning her parenting and snapped back: “Well, I guess you and everyone else knows how to parent better than I do.”

She told users she was seething about the interaction, but Reddit users unanimously agreed she was in the wrong and that her mum failed to consider how Abby’s ADHD and Autism may affect, and Abby’s mum soon changed her mind.

“This was something to have a conversation about, not cancel the entire frigging party. That was extremely cruel to your daughter.” One user wrote.

Another person added: ” All your daughter learned from this is that you are perfectly willing to publicly humiliate her for what is an extremely minor comment you didn’t like.”

After taking on Reddit users’ feedback, she sat down with Abby, who explained she was upset because her friend’s liked Taylor more than they liked her and said they wouldn’t come if Taylor wasn’t.

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The mum soon realised she had made the situation 10x worse, and to make amends has promised to throw a birthday party in a weeks time.

She ended the post saying: “Thanks to everyone who advocated for my daughter when I failed her.”


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