I had to do an internal examination on MYSELF when I unexpectedly went into labour at home… I could feel the head

A WOMAN has recalled how she was forced to do an internal examination on herself to see how close she was to giving birth when she went into labour unexpectedly at home.

Holly Lo opened up about her birth experience in several videos on her TikTok page, explaining that she thought she had hours and hours before she was going to give birth when her contractions started.

Holly Lo was forced to do an internal examination on herself when she went into labour at home unexpectedly

Holly Lo was forced to do an internal examination on herself when she went into labour at home unexpectedlyCredit: Tiktok/@oilbabies

But things progressed quickly and, despite being a doula herself, Holly was left crawling her way through the side door of her house when she finally made it home after going out to lunch that morning.

Her husband was rushing home from his meeting two hours away and her midwives weren’t close by either, as Holly had been intending to give birth at a midwife-led centre an hour away.

After speaking to her sister, also a doula, Holly decided to get into the shower, in her bath, on all fours to see if that helped with the contraction pain.

But while she was in the bath, her waters broke, and she saw meconium in the water and panicked.

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When meconium – baby’s first poo – comes out with the waters, it can sometimes signify that the baby is in distress.

“At the same moment my midwives paged me back, and at that opportune moment I reached out of the shower, grabbed my cordless phone and yell into the phone ‘I’m pushing!’” she explained on TikTok.  

“And I heard over the phone, ‘Oh f**k.’ 

“And she then calmly but quickly told me to get out of the bathtub, get on my hands and knees in the bathroom and to check how far baby’s head was in the birth canal.”

Holly added that while she had witnessed “many many many” births as a doula, this was her first baby.

“Never have I had to do an internal exam on myself,” she continued.

“So sure enough, I reach in, and check, and at about one fingernail length inside is a head.

“That’s when it hits me, this baby’s coming out now.”

The midwives had called 911 after Holly saw the meconium, and the paramedics then arrived, and made their way into her house.

Once inside, they assessed the situation, saw Holly being consumed by the “intense power of spontaneous pushing” and told her that she needed an episiotomy so would have to go to the local hospital.

“At this point I am literally just holding a baby’s head in, with my hand,” she added.  

She tried to object, but the paramedics were insistent, and got her into the ambulance just as her husband arrived home.

While he wasn’t allowed in the ambulance with her, for reasons Holly is still unclear about, he followed behind the emergency vehicle.

But just a few roads away from her house, Holly told the paramedics that her baby was coming, and pushed him out with a “pop”.

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The ambulance continued to take Holly to the hospital anyway, as she’d lost a lot of blood due to tearing while giving birth, and had to have 11 stitches.

In a later video, Holly responded to someone asking why she had been trying to keep her baby’s head in, as she explained that the midwife had said that if she didn’t, she would experience some catastrophic tearing due to the speed at which he was coming out and his position.

It was Holly's first child but she's now a mum of three

It was Holly’s first child but she’s now a mum of threeCredit: Tiktok/@oilbabies


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