I had three babies aged one & under – they’re not triplets, now I’m pregnant again

A MUM who had three children aged one and under has revealed her brutal daily schedule.

Rachelle Swannie and her partner Justin are parents to Emma, now three, and twins Reuben and Asher who will be two next month.

Rachelle and Justin Swannie had three babies one and under when their twins were bornCredit: instagram

Emma had just turned one when her twin brothers were born

Emma had just turned one when her twin brothers were bornCredit: instagram

The couple had always dreamt of being parents but with the birth of their twins in April 2020 they were faced with having three children aged one and under.

Rachelle, who shares updates about her family on her YouTube channel, admitted that sleepless nights were one of her biggest challenges.

The mum, from Temecula, said: “I’m really hoping last night was a fluke because all three of these kids did not sleep.

“This is the reality of having three kids one-year-old and under, you can hear Emma screaming in the front room.”

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She and her husband would regularly battle over who would get to do chores simply for a chance to take a break.

“Nowadays Justin and I will argue about who gets to go out and run errands because we’re both just desperate to get out of the house,” she explains.

The evenings could also be challenging for the pair as caring for each baby’s needs proved quite a handful.

“I picked up Reuben because he was crying and the second I picked him up his brother started crying,” Rachelle said.

Justin added: “It’s also that time of night when the boys are completely inconsolable by me and only want their mom – this is the phase we’re in and it is rough man.

“It’s not fair for you and it’s not fair for me, I want to be able to help and I just can’t.”

However, no matter what difficulties the couple are faced with Rachelle says they wouldn’t change it for the world.

She said at the time: “No matter how tired I am I’m still happier than I’ve ever been I know that sounds incredibly cheesy but me and Justin dreamed of having this family for so so long.”

The couple, who sadly lost their first baby Brynn shortly after she was born prematurely, are now expecting their fifth child together this summer.

The couple have openly struggled with fertility issues and have relied on IVF to conceive, something Rachelle doesn’t take for granted.

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In a recent Instagram post, she wrote: “There are days where I’ll still pause, and find myself crying because my babies are the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given, and I’m endlessly thankful for them.”

The couple were told that they had just a one per cent chance of achieving pregnancy on their own but ‘defied the odds’ when they conceived their fifth child naturally.

They are now expecting another baby together

They are now expecting another baby togetherCredit: instagram


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