I gave birth in FOUR MINUTES

A MUM-TO-BE was stunned when she gave birth just four minutes after her midwife told her she’d be welcoming her baby into the world “that day”.

Kim took to TikTok to reveal her incredible birth story, admitting that she’d only been at the hospital because she was due to have a regular checkup appointment during the pregnancy.

Kim took to TikTok to reveal how she gave birth in four minutes, with no pain at allCredit: tiktok

“This is what led to me giving birth in four minutes,” she began.

“So basically I woke up in the morning, said bye to my husband cos he was going to work, normal day.

“I had a doctors’ appointment that morning at like 10 o clock so I went to the hospital to get the normal check-up and the doctor checked my blood pressure, the baby’s heartbeat and just decided to check down there to see how everything was going.”

Kim added that while she was close to her due date, she hadn’t reached her due date at that point.

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Upon having a look, the midwife asked Kim if she had been feeling any pain, to which she replied that she had been experiencing what she thought were Braxton Hicks contractions.

“And she goes, ‘well, I think you’re going to give birth today’,” she continued.

“I was like, ‘What?!’

“I texted my husband telling him that the midwife said I’m going to give birth today, thinking it’s going to be hours. 

“From that conversation with the midwife, I gave birth in four minutes.”

Kim almost gave birth when she was walking to the delivery suite, so as soon as she got onto the bed she “pushed the baby out and that was it – I was done”.

“This every woman’s dream birth,” one person commented on her video, while another added: “How lucky that you were already there!”

Following her sharing of her birth tale, someone criticised Kim for not letting her husband know ahead of time so that he could have been there for the birth of his child.

“I wish I could have let him know, but unfortunately I did not know I was going to give birth on that day,” she hit back in another video.

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“I actually only had a doctors checkup that was at the hospital, that day, and yeah.”

She added in the caption of the video: ” I wish he could’ve been there for the birth of our child, but it was just too quick.”

She was stunned when she went to a regular appointment only to be told she’d be giving birth “that day”Credit: tiktok


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