I caught the moment my baby’s head randomly pulsated on camera

A MUM has shared the bizarre moment she caught her baby’s head pulsating on camera.

TikToker, Darians Chick, shared the video which has gone viral with over ten million views.

Darian, a first time mum was left stunned after catching the moment on cameraCredit: TikTok/@darianschick

her daughter, Eilee's soft spot was pulsating and viewers found it 'freaky'

her daughter, Eilee’s soft spot was pulsating and viewers found it ‘freaky’Credit: TikTok/@darianschick

The mum, from the US, was left visibly stunned by the moment she captured on tape.

In the video, her daughter Eilee is casually sitting in her high chair when her mum zooms in and catches the soft spot on her head pulsating.

The first time mum captioned the video: “Please make it stop.”

Viewers were left shocked by the video.

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“So scary, I remember that.” Replied one mum.

Another person said: “Wow thanks I really didn’t like that.”

“This also freaked me out when my girls were babies.” Wrote another mum.

One user asked “what is that?” but the mum had no reason to panic, as it turns out it’s completely normal.

Pampers writes on its website: “Sometimes your baby’s soft spot may seem to be pulsating or moving. This is completely normal. The fontanelle may move as your baby breaches, so there’s no need to worry if you see your baby’s soft spot pulsing.”

In a video, the mum said people who don’t have babies I guess or have never seen this happen are wondering what’s wrong with her.

“Nothing’s wrong, it’s just her soft spot, she’s okay.”

But mums agreed it was freaky to see for the first time and not a lot of people know about it beforehand.

One wrote: “I saw it the first week with my son home and freaked!”

“But how would people without babies know about this?” Another asked.

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A third added: “I knew that babies had soft spots but like I didn’t know they PULSED!”

“I was changing my crying/screaming baby’s diaper when I first saw it and we were both crying.” Recalled a fourth viewer.


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