This £25 self-massage tool will heal your aches in just 10 minutes

Pictures of people using the massage tool

Say goodbye to daily niggles (Picture: Percko)

While working at an office desk doesn’t require much energy, our bodies take a beating from it. 

Bad posture, hunched backs and long hours bent over looking at a screen causes muscles to stiffen and ache. 

So it’s extremely important to look after your body with some TLC.

A massage once a week sounds like a wonderful idea, but we don’t have the money or time for that – which is why we went on the hunt for alternatives and came across a gadget that may just save our backs. 

Costing only £25, PERCKO’s Loop self-massage tool aims to make desk jobbing a little easier. 

Designed by healthcare professionals, the tool has been made to target all major areas of the neck and back. 

Meanwhile, it’s small enough to take with you on the go. 

In ten minutes, the Loop promises to release muscles and give spa-like results as each part of the gadget is designed to target a specific area of the neck and back. 

Tool that relaxes your back in 10 minutes a day

Use it daily for maximum results (Picture: Perko)

The first is the cervical spine muscles. The innermost section of Loop is adapted to your neck to support and apply light pressure to the muscles of this area.

The second is the dorsal and trapezius muscles. The central section of Loop targets these muscles deepy. This area often holds tension linked to stress and can be difficult to reach.

The third is the lumbar muscle. The outermost section of the massage tool has been designed to stimulate the deep muscles of the lumbar region. Its coating and shape ensure comfort with no risk to injury of the muscles, joints or ligaments.

As the tool was designed by workplace ergonomists with specific exercises in mind, those who spend hours at the desk each day will benefit most.  

The product comes with a set of six targeted exercises so that you are equipped with the know-how to get started immediately.

Recorded videos are also on hand to show you how it is correctly done. 

The Loop costs only £25 and can be purchased here.

It’s finally time to say goodbye to aches and niggles forever.

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