Woman shares her ‘hardest pass ever’ on a dating app… and people are mortified at the guy’s profile blunder

A WOMAN was left stunned when she came across a man’s ex-girlfriend singing his praises on his profile on Hinge.

Courtney Taylor was browsing potential beaus on the dating site when she came across the profile of a man called Bennet.

Courtney Taylor took to TikTok to reveal a Hinge profile that had stopped her in her tracks for all the wrong reasonsCredit: @courtneytaylore/Tiktok

On Hinge profiles, there’s a voice note option which allows either the user or someone close to them to record a complimentary message about them.

But on Bennet’s profile, he’d chosen the very unusual option of asking his ex to record the note.

In the voice message, the woman – who introduced herself only as “Bennet’s ex-girlfriend” – could be heard saying: “I just really wanted to get on here and let you girls know that he is such a catch.

“We’re just friends now, there’s no feelings, so don’t worry about me!

Courtney admitted the voice note meant she gave her "hardest pass ever" to Bennet

Courtney admitted the voice note meant she gave her “hardest pass ever” to BennetCredit: @courtneytaylore/Tiktok

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“But I just wanted to get on here and let you guys know that he really will treat you right and he’s just incredible.

“So he can’t wait to speak to you guys, and maybe we’ll meet someday!”

However, the voice note did little to impress Courtney, who captioned the video on TikTok: “This was the hardest pass I’ve ever had on a dating app wtf.”

In the video, Courtney could be seen rolling her eyes and shaking her head as the audio message played.

But in the comments section, people speculated that the ex had deliberately offered to record the message in a bid to deter potential dates for Bennet.

“She knew what she was doing lol,” one person wrote.

While another added: “She did that on purpose lmao.”

And a third wrote: “Okay but she’s a genius.”

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“if he’s so incredible why it isn’t she with him?” someone else wondered.

“And I always think friends with x is shady…”


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