Woman is asked to refund a man £76 for five dates after she lied about having a kid & “wasted his time”

IF there’s one thing we’re told time and time again, it’s to always tell the truth.

After all, you’re bound to get caught out in the long-run…just like this woman soon found out.

An anonymous man, 26, who is from the US, took to Reddit and explained how he was left fuming after discovering a woman who he went on five dates with lied to him about having a child. Pictured, stock image

An anonymous man, 26, who is from the US, took to Reddit and explained how he was left fuming after discovering a woman who he went on five dates with lied to him about having a child. Pictured, stock imageCredit: Getty

Taking to Reddit, an anonymous 26-year-old man, from the US, explained how he ended a four month romance with a woman he’d met through a mutual friend after discovering she had a child – after she’d told him she wasn’t a mum.

He then admitted to asking her to partially refund him £76 to cover some of the money he’d spent over the duration of their five dates.

In the post, he wrote: “During the conversation I asked if she had any kids and she said no. Perfect. Because I don’t date single mums. 

“I’ve had issues with it in the past and it’s just not something I’m comfortable doing anymore. I told her this and she said she understood.”

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However, it was only when he decided to find her on Facebook that he realised she hadn’t been entirely truthful.

“I was in shock,” he admitted. “She had a kid on her profile. I thought maybe it was a nephew. But kept scrolling and found more pics. Definitely her kid.”

After a text exchange, the woman admitted the child was hers, but explained she “didn’t like bringing him up until she knew she could trust a guy.”

However, the excuse wasn’t good enough for the man, who raged: “She knew my stance on dating single mums…my time has been wasted”.

He went on to say how he doesn’t have the “flexibility and time” to date single mums and added that “the baby daddy/no baby daddy thing always leads to drama.”

The man in question then revealed he asked the woman to pay £38 for a ticket they’d purchased for an upcoming music concert and £38 for the dates, which he worked out he’d spent about £306 on.

And it wasn’t long before forum users took to the comments section – with very divided opinions on the matter.

“How is he an AH for wanting money back that he would not have spent had this woman not lied to him?” wrote one.

A second agreed: “I think OP is within his rights to ask back the money. It is like you said, sell the ticket, but to that girl. Wouldn’t you agree? NTA.”

However, others had a very different opinion on the matter.

“Yeah she lied to you, but asking for date money back is petty and it makes you look really terrible,” noted one.

“Just sell the tickets on stubhub, cut your losses, and move on.”

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A second commented: “Of course I done condone lying but what if she wasn’t ready to tell OP she had a kid? Maybe she should have said something sooner but it’s not like they were officially dating dating to where they considered each other bf gf.”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “It feels weird to me that their mutual friends didn’t say anything about her being a mum? Did they not know?”


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