My date said I was the most beautiful girl ever… then was savage about my body in a brutal text days later

A YOUNG woman was stunned upon receiving a savage message about her appearance from a date who had praised her looks just days earlier.

Dating can be a rollercoaster – one day you’re flooded with compliments from the significant other (or others), and the next moment you’ve been brutally dumped by someone you thought you’re going to marry.

The bloke appeared to be deeply in love with Cadigan…at firstCredit: @ cadigansmith/TikTok

Some believed that being ghosted would've been better than receiving this

Some believed that being ghosted would’ve been better than receiving thisCredit: @ cadigansmith/TikTok

One woman, unfortunately, had quite a similar story, which she decided to share on social media.

Taking it to TikTok, Cadigan Smith (@cadigansmith) uploaded a series of screenshots of text messages between her and a person she was dating at the time.

Initially, things were off to a good start, as the bloke couldn’t get enough of the TikToker.

”You’re just the most beautiful girl,” read one of his messages Cadigan received one day.

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”And the time we spend together is so effortless and fun I never want it to end,” he added.

”I hope I know how much I care about you Cadigan.”

However, as happy as Cadigan was at the time, things took a sharp turn very quickly, as one day she checked her phone to find a text that no one wants to see – ”We need to talk.”

Trying to be as honest as possible and hoping the woman wouldn’t ”take this the wrong way”, the guy revealed he wasn’t that attracted to her body.

”I feel like if this moves forward it would be fake.

”Like I don’t wanna lead you on and be talking to a girl I don’t really get turned on by? You know?”

He then deemed it necessary to add: ”I felt like it would be better just to tell you now instead of like having me not get hard or something.”

However, despite not finding Cadigan’s physique sexually attractive, the bloke still suggested to meet up whenever she was out and about – but without the expectation of ”a consistent thing”.

The brutal text messages left the audience – a total of a whopping 6.4 million viewers – speechless, with some even demanding she revealed his identity to ”ensure no other girl will ever touch him”.

”Men never fail to amaze me,” one person aptly summed it up.

”Been there too many times. They gas you up until they get what they want, then the novelty wears off and they’re done with you,” another joined in the comments.

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Though rather controversial, someone else said that ghosting would’ve been a better option – a remark that was liked close to 61,000 times.

”How do these men really type these words out and think “yup this is perfect!”’ a fifth was baffled.

The video has been liked by almost 935,000 people on the social media giant

The video has been liked by almost 935,000 people on the social media giantCredit: @ cadigansmith/TikTok


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