My date cancelled our meetup as soon as she saw me

GOING ON a first date is a nerve-wracking experience for many. 

Meeting someone for the first time can cause a lot of stress and anxiety as after all, how do you know if they will be attracted to you? 

A man has taken to Reddit to reveal what happened when his date stood him up because of his sizeCredit: Getty

But one man had a horrific dating experience and has taken to Reddit to explain what happened.

The man revealed that he had organised to meet a woman from Tinder in person for the first time.

He arrived at the agreed location and shortly after, received messages from his date that unfortunately she no longer wanted to have a date with him.

But her reason? Prepare to be shocked.

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The woman explained that the man was “too fat” and revealed that she “couldn’t meet him” because she “wouldn’t be attracted” to him. 

The man was appalled and shared the woman’s horrific fat-shaming messages online.

He explained that this was his “first tinder experience in a long time”.

He added: “I’m not the smallest weighing in at 120kgs and 6’4”. 

“I don’t know how she couldn’t tell I’m the size I am considering I have my gut out on my tinder profile and my Insta isn’t making me skinny either.”

In the screenshots, we can see that the woman messages saying: “I’m leaving now, see you soon.”

But shortly after she says: “Ummmm.

“I just saw you from afar and I’m sorry I can’t meet you.

“I don’t like guys who are too fat, I’m not attracted to them.

“I’m sorry so it’s better for me to go back home than to pretend I like you.

“Good luck with your upcoming dates on Tinder.”

The man was appalled with the woman's response

The man was appalled with the woman’s responseCredit: Reddit

The man was appalled with the woman’s messages and said: “Wow, you could see that from my photos?

“I’m literally shirtless in one of them.”

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, think again…

The woman then responded with: “But I thought you were less fat.

“I couldn’t be attracted to you. 

“You look like you’re 35. 

“Take care of yourself more.

“You should go to the gym some time.”

The woman thought that he looked older and said she 'couldn't be attracted' to him

The woman thought that he looked older and said she ‘couldn’t be attracted’ to himCredit: Reddit

The woman said that the man should go to the gym and that she was dodging a big cannon

The woman said that the man should go to the gym and that she was dodging a big cannonCredit: Reddit

Reddit users were horrified at the woman’s messages, with 8.7k people leaving comments of support for the man.  

One person said: “I don’t know why but I just have this feeling you were being catfished. It just seems like a ton of projection. But in any case that was really hurtful and I’m sorry you went through that experience. That is a truly unhappy person to speak to someone that way.” 

Another added: “You dodged a bullet and she’s missing out on a seemingly very cool and friendly guy. Hope this situation didn’t hurt too much. You’ll definitely find someone less superficial who is clever enough to actually look at all your pictures to begin with.” 

A third commented: “Ummm, you’re totally hot. Her loss” 

The man later said: “Thank you all for the compliments, best wishes and awards.

“It’s been nice knowing that this is just a one off thing and that we all agree she’s not very nice.

“At the start she was really nice! Then it hit like a bunch of bricks but I agree I’m dodging a bullet.”

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Meanwhile, I was fat-shamed by my date so got the ultimate girly revenge – and I’d do it again.

Also, I thought my date was going well until a man sat down beside us and she went deathly pale, and that was the start of it


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