My boyfriend speaks to his ex-wife EVERY DAY

A WOMAN has found herself in a very awkward situation and wants advice on what she should do.

The unnamed girlfriend took to Mumsnet to ask if she was being unreasonable about her situation.

One woman has found herself in an awkward situation after finding out that her new boyfriend stlll speaks to his ex-wife on a daily basisCredit: Getty

She explained that her new boyfriend of two months admitted to speaking to his ex-wife on a daily basis.

The woman was shocked by this revelation and wanted to know if she was right to be upset at this level of contact. 

She said that she “started a new relationship 2 months ago” and “everything was going great.”

But she was shocked when out of the blue, her boyfriend told her that “his ex-wife calls him everyday.”

She explained that her boyfriend was with his ex-wife for “10 years but split up 4 years ago after a very nasty break up…

“He doesn’t think there is anything strange about this as he says they are now friends and there is nothing else going on between them.

“His ex has been with her partner since they split up…. 

“He seems to be friends with a lot of his ex partners.

“Am I being unreasonable to be upset and bothered by this?” 

The woman later confirmed: “They do not have kids together.”


Mumsnet users were left divided over the situation – with many thinking that it was ‘weird’, whilst others argued that keeping a good relationship with his ex-wife makes him a decent man.

Some believed that her boyfriend is clearly ‘still into’ his ex-wife, with many advising her to break up with him.

One user said: “If no kids involved I think it’s weird to be so close with any ex. I couldn’t be with someone like him.” 

Another commented: “If they don’t have kids then I’d call it a day. He’s still into her.”

However, some people saw it from another perspective.

One person said: “It’s maybe not your normal, but it is his. Dating is so you can see if you’re compatible, you and him probably aren’t so it’s perfectly fine to move on.” 

Another asked: “What would you prefer their relationship to look like. Exes in general are an uncomfortable reality of the dating world, I’m sure we’d all prefer that they just didn’t exist, but they always will.

“Whilst I agree that this is unusual, I think the alternative (at each other’s throats) would be far worse. I can see why you’re uncomfortable, but it’s a strong indicator that he’s a decent sort. Can you not just go with it?” 

Someone else added: “If he’s friends with a lot of his ex partners, he’s unlikely to be a complete w*****”. 

Another explained: “It really doesn’t mean he wants her back. Sometimes people work better as friends. I wish we could be more comfortable with this as a society.

“Love changes, people want different things. It’s great that they can continue to value the positive elements of their relationship.”

However, many of those that saw it as a positive reflection of the man’s character revealed that the woman should put an end to the relationship if it’s something that is bothering her. 

Mumsnet users were left divided, with some pointing out that it was 'weird', whilst others thought it showed that he was a nice man

Mumsnet users were left divided, with some pointing out that it was ‘weird’, whilst others thought it showed that he was a nice manCredit: Getty

Meanwhile, I’m pregnant & my boyfriend is so careless it’s worrying – he even left our daughter home ALONE to ‘pop & get ice cream’.

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