I haven’t had sex with my husband for three years because he stinks

A WOMAN has revealed she has grown sick of her husband’s lack of personal hygiene.

She stated his lack of self-awareness of his poor hygiene has led to the couple not having sex for three years.

The woman claimed he barely showers and she can’t stand being physically near himCredit: Getty

Taking to Mumsnet anonymously, she described all the ways her husband neglects his hygiene despite her constantly telling him for years.

Currently, her husband hasn’t had a shower in over four days, and despite telling him he smells of BO, he’s refused to jump in for a quick rinse.

The problem has become so bad she says, that she refuses to share a bed with him and that they haven’t had sex in three years, because of the stench.

The mum of two said: “I cannot bear the thought of being physically close to him or kissing him.”

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She explained that when he does leave for work, she often has to watch over him to ‘make sure he is choosing clean smart clothing and that he has a wash, a shave, brushes his teeth properly.’

His wife states she has tried to point him in the right direction when it comes to hygiene.

Even buying him a silicone scalp scrubber and clarifying shampoo as his hair smells particularly bad, but she reckons he doesn’t use them.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he rarely brushes his teeth properly and states his ‘breath smells like plaque’.

To top it off, he rarely cuts his nails or washes his hands, which smell awful as he scratches down below and never washes after.

She added: “He went through a phase of being quite angry with me for not wanting to hug him or get close to him or kiss him.

“He seems to have given up and is no longer angry and no longer tries to get close to me.

“I did tell him clearly many times over the past few years why I don’t want to get close to him!”

She said she was angry that he constantly ignores her when she prompts him to clean and that she found it disrespectful.

The mum claims her husband was a ‘very nice man’ but she was seriously rethinking the relationship as the issue had become so bad.

In another comment, she claimed he had not always been like this and it has got worse the longer they’ve been together.

Users were shocked by her claims, and many said the relationship was over. One wrote: “Blimey, I’m not squeamish at all but reading that made me feel a bit sick. Why are you still married to him? I just couldn’t.”

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“Absolutely grim. He’s not going to change is he? I think the whole relationship is dead.” Another user commented.

A third said: “If this is the case it sounds like he just doesn’t care enough to make an effort. He doesn’t care how you feel.”


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