I have decided to uninvite my mum from my wedding after she gave my fiancé a very cruel gift

A BRIDE-TO-BE has made the decision to uninvite her mum from her big day after she allegedly gifted her man a very cruel gift.

Taking it to the popular discussion platform, Reddit, the shocked woman revealed that she was appalled to learn that her mother had given her fiancé, who uses a wheelchair, a pair of running shoes.

She claimed her mum had been very nasty towards her partner from the get-go

She claimed her mum had been very nasty towards her partner from the get-goCredit: Getty

In the post, she claimed to have met her husband-to-be at a group therapy session, where she later came to learn that he’d lost his mother in the same accident which left him disabled.

However, the cruel gift, the poster revealed, wasn’t the first time her mum had attempted to make fun of the unfortunate situation and humiliate the ”kind-hearted” and ”generous” fiancé.

”She kept making jokes about him and tease him alot [sic],” the bride-to-be described her mum’s behaviour at the start of their relationship.

At one point, she had even ”joked about him being responsible for the accident”.

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This particular remark, it was revealed, was made on the anniversary of his mum’s death, and left the groom-to-be in tears – something the mum later on apologised for.

After the incident, the mum asked if she could attend his birthday celebrations and her son-in-law to-be told her to come.

”She came and was all loving and cheerful, she apologized for the past “misunderstandings” and my STBH (soon-to-be husband) was confused by her change of heart. 

”We had great time til after dinner. She gave him a box saying this was her gift for his birthday.”

In the box, the mum had put in a pair of Nike running trainers.

”He looked at her and she started laughing then said something about being optimistic and hoping he’d use them one day.

”I lost it and we both started yelling at each other with her saying it was just a joke.

”I said this was utter humiliation cause she was basically rubbing it in his face that he is how he is.”

Although her partner tried to calm everyone down by saying it was all okay, his soon-to-be wife disagreed and brought her mum outside for a chat.

There, she claimed that she hadn’t planned for things to take such a turn and added that he ”could use more therapy cause his reaction should’ve been to laugh”.

”I said she’s no longer welcome to the wedding. She acted shocked saying I was really taking this too seriously, but I insisted that she send back the invite. 

Hearing the dispute, her father joined the two, where he tried to act like the mediator, pleading his daughter to not make an impulsive decision she might regret later.

However, despite his best efforts, the bride-to-be stood firm in her decision and kept saying ”no”.

Unanimously voted as NTA (Not the A**hole), the woman was supported by many, who thought she was in the right.

”Do not re-invite her to your wedding. To be honest, after the way she has behaved on those two occasions I’d be considering cutting her out of my life altogether,” one suggested.

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Someone else agreed, adding: “Definitely do not reinvite your mom. But you should send her a gift.

”You should get her a special custom mother of the bride placard and send it with a card that says ‘haha get it, it’s funny because you’re not going!'”


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