I had a baby two months ago & my boyfriend hates my body…he mocks me and says I need pants to hold my bum up

A NEW mum who gave birth just two months ago has told how her partner hates her postpartum body – and mocks her whenever she goes near the fridge.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous woman, from the UK, explained some of the offensive comments he has made about her body shortly after she gave birth to their child.

An anonymous woman, from the UK, took to Reddit and recalled some of the offensive comments her boyfriend has made about her postpartum body. Pictured, stock imageCredit: Getty

She recalled one instance where she walked to the fridge and saw him giving her “a weird expression,” and when she asked why, he replied: “I’m just sitting here thinking ‘damn. I picked that.'”

The heartbroken mum questioned what he meant by his comment, to which he did an offensive impression of her walking and added: “Like this, stomach out, boobs down to here…a** sticking out like you’re a baby with a full diaper.

“At least the underwear holds your a** up”.

The woman went on to explain how despite losing the baby weight, she knows her boobs have got “ridiculously big” and that her degenerating spinal condition probably makes her walk “a little funky looking.”

She continued: “But all I could do was sit there in disbelief, tell him it was mean, and go back to eating my salad.

“I was confused because he’d been coming onto me not thirty seconds prior when he saw the underwear on me.

“I thought he was joking, or saying that he couldn’t believe he ‘picked that’ because of my attitude or messy hair or some other dumb s**t.”

The new mum went on to say how she now intends on buying some hoodies and pyjamas to cover up following the offensive exchange.

“I feel sh***y about my body,” she added.

And everyone in the comments section was in agreement that the boyfriend was in the wrong for his insulting comments – and that she could do better.

“Would you talk to him like that, or anyone for that matter? No? Exactly. It’s really that simple to not be a piece of s**t. He’s trying to hurt your feelings and succeeded.

“I feel sh***y about my body”

Anonymous Reddit user

No one happy with themselves goes around bringing others down.”

A second penned: “This is a mean spirited, unnecessary thing for your partner to say.

“What was he trying to accomplish? I see nothing beyond a clear desire to hurt your feelings and make you feel insecure about your body.”

Meanwhile, a third added: “HUGE a**hole… he’s supposed to be the person you can trust in that vulnerable time. I’d leave just for that, tbh. He doesn’t sound like a nice person.”

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