I always hear my neighbours arguing about me & it’s so awkward, she’s convinced he fancies me due to a T-shirt I wore

A WOMAN amused TikTok by sharing the argument she overheard her neighbours having about her.

She explained that the couple were fighting as the woman was convinced her boyfriend fancied her – their downstairs neighbour.

Fitness influencer Dustie Dee shared the story on her TikTok account

Fitness influencer Dustie Dee shared the story on her TikTok accountCredit: TikTok/ dustiedee

She explained that she could hear her neighbours arguing about her upstairs

She explained that she could hear her neighbours arguing about her upstairsCredit: TikTok/ dustiedee

But presumably they didn’t realise that she could hear their every word.

Influencer Dustie Dee said: “Today I was outside walking my dog when I see the couple pull up in separate cars.

“So they both get out of their cars and walk past me and they say hello and I say hello.

“They go inside, I get my dog and we go outside. They live right above me so I can hear everything. Yes everything.

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“I hear the girl screaming at her boyfriend about the ‘neighbour girl’.

“She said: ‘I see you looking at our neighbour’, he retorts with: ‘I said hello’.

“She says: ‘That’s too much talking’. Now there’s a lot of stomping and a lot of yelling.”

But that wasn’t the end of the story as Dustie posted a follow up video with the second part of their fight.

She said: “So as they’re yelling and stomping around the boyfriend says to the girlfriend: ‘What makes you think I like her?’

“And she says: ‘Because she was wearing that Kelly Clarkson shirt.’

“He says: ‘Are you serious?’ and she says: ‘Yeah, and she had those shorts on.’

“To which he responded: “‘First of all, the shirt was Kelly Kapowski’ and she interrupted him and said: ‘I knew you liked her!’

“And now they’re both screaming and it’s chaos. I can hear doors slamming and then someone knocks at my door.

“My dog starts to lose her s*** and I spring into action to get the door.

“And I open the door and it’s the neighbour girl. ‘Hi the Amazon guy dropped your package off at my place instead of yours.’

“‘Oh thanks is everything OK?’

“‘Yeah, everything’s fine. Why?’

“‘Oh just asking. OK well I’m off to work’.

“So now I know she has a problem with me.”

Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the hilarious interaction.

One person said: “It’d be pretty funny if they could hear you… Repeating their conversation… to what sounds like yourself.”

Another said: “Man. Time to grab some popcorn.”

While a third said: “Honestly if I was the guy I would have left her I once I got in trouble for saying HELLO.”

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