Flat doggy is great for lazy, hungover sex – here’s how it’s done

Lie down on your tummy (Picture: Getty)

Energetic sex positions certainly have their place – but sometimes you just want to get off with minimal effort.

Enter: the flat doggy position.

Ideal for anal or vaginal penetration, it requires low effort, especially once you’re in the flow of the position.

It will suit those who want something slower and less aggressive than regular doggy style, but aren’t so fussed about having eye contact.

Here’s how to do it.

How to do the flat doggy position

One partner should lie on their stomach.

Once comfortable, the second partner should move on top, so that they can access partner one’s rear.

Partner two then thrusts into partner one, whether that’s with a penis or sex toy, establishing a steady rhythm.

It’s essentially like classic doggy style, except no one is on their knees.

It isn’t the most intimate of positions as there’s no eye contact and partner two is very limited on being able to fondle partner one’s body, given the flat positioning against the bed.

However, it gets the job done.

Flat doggy position variations

To create more lift, partner one can place pillows under their pelvis – which might make penetration easier.

For some intimacy, partner one can close their legs a little tighter to slow down penetration, while partner two can kiss partner one’s neck and ears.

For even more intimacy, both partners can turn slightly on one side, so partner two can cuddle and fondle partner one. Partner one can open their legs slightly wider if maintaining penetration is tricky, and wrap their legs around partner two’s legs.

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