What happened to Ranvir Singh on Good Morning Britain?

NEWSREADER Ranvir Singh was pulled off air today (March 29, 2022).

It was after concerns were raised for the 44-year-old broadcaster’s health.

Ranvir Singh was pulled off GMBCredit: Rex

Why was Ranvir Singh taken off Good Morning Britain?

On March 29, 2022 Ranvir was pulled off Good Morning Britain after Richard Madeley voiced fears over the presenter’s health.

She revealed she was suffering from extreme hay fever – and had woken up with streaming red eyes and a swollen face.

Host Richard told how he feared she “wouldn’t get through” reading the news before she revealed her struggle live on air.

Ranvir had even sought advice from TV doctor Hilary Jones in the studio after ditching her contact lenses and wearing glasses instead.

Ranvir Singh pulled off GMB after Richard Madeley voiced fears for host
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When Ranvir had finished the news, Richard said: “Hey, credit to you. You’ve got the worst hay fever I think I’ve ever seen.”

Ranvir said: “I don’t know what’s going on. That’s why I look like this today.”

Richard replied: “I thought you were going to have to stop half way through, are you alright?”

Just before being yanked off air, Ranvir tweeted to her followers: “Anyone else got the worst most painful stinging hay-fever they’ve ever had? I can barely keep my eyes open. If there was a vaccine for this I’d sign up asap :(.”

When will she return to Good Morning Britain?

This is yet to be determined, as it is unknown how unwell she is.

Ranvir was replaced today by reporter Louisa James to read the news.

She explained: “We think Ranvir may have had an allergic reaction.”

Who is hosting GMB today?

Ranvir was joined on GMB today by the show’s main hosts Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid.

Susanna has been on the show since GMB started in 2014.

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Richard joined in 2022 after Piers Morgan quit the show.

Ranvir has been a regular on GMB since the show launched on ITV.


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