Todrick Hall apologises for ‘offensive’ Celebrity Big Brother comments

He says he only saw the show as a ‘game’ (Picture: CBS)

Todrick Hall has issued an apology after receiving backlash for his comments on Celebrity Big Brother.

The choreographer, 36, who rose to fame after reaching the semi-final of American Idol in 2010, came under fire when viewers accused him of being tactical and playing games.

During his time in the CBB house, the dancer – who has worked with the likes of Taylor Swift – made personal comments towards other housemates and was called out for the tactics he used.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the musician shared his Big Brother regrets after finishing in second place, with MMA fighter Miesha Tate taking the crown.

However, he insisted he’s ‘happy with the game I played’.

Todrick said: ‘I wish that the personal statements wouldn’t have been said. I wish I wouldn’t have crossed into a personal level. But I don’t regret being on the show and I’ve learned a lot from it.’

todrick hall

The dance star was trending worldwide he received backlash from viewers (Picture: CBS)

He wanted to apologise for ‘a lot of things that offended people’, but assured that he viewed the experience as ‘just a game.’

Model and actor Shanna Maeokler was one of the people on the receiving end of Todrick’s comments, so viewers might be surprised to learn he actually ‘really, really liked her’.

‘They didn’t show this, but I was the person rooting for her on the other side of the house for a long time,’ he said.

‘I thought she had great fashion. We had a lot of real moments. It is unfortunate to me that we are the ones that were butting heads the most. But I think time heals all wounds.’

Todrick hall

Previous co-workers have also come forward with negative personal experiences of working with Todrick (Picture: Getty)

As for the more heated moments, the TV star insisted ‘that’s not really part of my character’, following several moments of confrontation.

‘I don’t get into fights with my real friends like that and I just think that it showed me a lot about myself,’ Todrick shared.

His biggest regret, however, was ‘ever letting the lines of game and reality blur together, and ever saying anything negative to somebody’.

The singer clarified that he ‘actually liked everybody in the house’ and he hopes to form lifelong friendships after seeing contestants from previous years attend each other’s weddings in the future.

Todrick Hall and Lamar Odom on Celebrity Big Brother

Todrick hopes to continue his friendships outside the house (Picture: CBS)

‘I hope that something similar could happen here because I feel like I really formed a great bond with certain people,’ he said.

One of his strongest bonds seemed to be with Cynthia Bailey, who was the only one to vote for him in the final.

He described her as ‘an angel’ and said they ‘still talk and text every day’.

After leaving the Big Brother house, Drag Race star Todrick supposedly cancelled all his interviews and media appearances after backlash online.

Trending worldwide was #TodrickExposedParty, with previous colleagues of his coming forward with stories of how he allegedly treated them.

Fellow contestant, and Khloe Kardashian’s ex, Lamar Odom also spoke to US Weekly about his behaviour, adding that ‘it was hard for him to stop talking about himself’ while in the house.


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