The View fans mock host Whoopi Goldberg for making big blunder on live TV

THE View fans have been mocking host Whoopi Goldberg on social media for making a big blunder on Tuesday.

The 66-year-old has had a bit of difficulty with working out some of her word pronunciations while on her live talk show.

Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

The blunder arrived as Whoopi brought up an incident that recently took place in the art world.

A man disguised as an old woman leapt from a wheelchair and threw cake at the Mona Lisa this week.

Footage of the incident at the Louvre showed the world-famous painting smeared with cake by an eco-vandal before he was dragged away by security guards, as stunned onlookers watch on.

No damage was done to the masterpiece as it’s protected by a bulletproof screen, but Whoopi shared her shock over the incident while discussing it on The View.

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Fans, though, were less focused on the topic at hand and more interested in how the View moderator was pronouncing the name of the museum.

One surprised viewer asked: “Did Whoopi say the LOO-va?”

The user also added a gif of someone scratching their neck and looking a bit confused.

Another wrote, “The way Whoopi just pronounced the Louvre,” including with it a gif of a woman cringing.

A third mocked the host, tweeting: “For WHY is Whoopi calling it the Lu-ver?”

This isn’t the first time Whoopi has surprised viewers on the show with her various antics lately.

Earlier this month, she shocked fans after spraying co-star Sunny Hostin with water for gushing over Jesse Williams’ nude body.

The TV personalities were in the middle of discussing the leaking of photos and videos of the actor in the buff from the play he’s currently starring in, Take Me Out.

Sunny couldn’t help but gush over the Grey’s Anatomy actor’s body, but Whoopi thought she needed to calm down a bit.

The moderator walked over to her co-host and sprayed Sunny with water and demanded she “cool off.”

Whoopi insisted everyone would be “pulling [their] hair out” if it were an actress and not an actor who had a nude video of themselves leaked.

The other hosts, though, took a bit of comfort in the fact that Jesse said himself that he wasn’t overwhelmingly bothered by the incident.

Sunny continued to thirst over Jesse’s body as she discussed the unauthorized photos, which she said she had many friends in her circle send to her.

The 53-year-old said: “He doesn’t seem to feel like he has been harassed, he doesn’t seem to feel like he has been shamed.

“And that makes me feel a little better about the fact that I did stare at the pictures for a ridiculously long amount of time.”

Continuing on, Sunny said Jesse just looked like a “statue,” as she imitated what a statue looked like, and said he was “beautiful.”

She added: “He looked just like [the sculpture] David. Just beautiful. Gorgeous.”

At this point, Whoopi got up from her chair, grabbed the little spray bottle of water she had on  the table from a bit she did earlier in the show, and walked over to Sunny.

The 66-year-old spritzed her co-host with the water and told her to “cool off!”

Viewers took to Twitter to share their shock over seeing Whoopi jokingly spray Sunny with water to get her to end her rant over Jesse’s naked form.

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One  View fan wrote: “Saw someone say about Whoopi spraying Sunny! And I just saw it! Wow lol”

A second said: “I love that Whoopi uses that spray bottle to cool off Sunny.”

Credit: AFP

Credit: Reuters


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