Stranger Things season 4: Fans think they’ve spotted Eleven plot hole

Did you spot a plothole in the new season of Stranger Things?

Well, if you missed it, the show’s biggest sleuths seem to have you covered.

The hit sci-fi show returned to our screens last week, with Netflix dropping a whole bunch of its latest episodes in one batch – along with the accompanying name Stranger Things 4: Volume 1.

A total of seven new Stranger Things episodes were released, and each of them is massively super-sized, but thousands of fans have already blitzed through them all.

And some viewers who watched the new season as quickly as they could, either to join in with online debates or just to avoid spoilers, have been left puzzled by one thing in particular.

The show’s biggest obsessives will likely remember that, all the way back in the series premiere, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) could barely communicate with the other characters.

STRANGER THINGS (L to R) Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix ? 2022

We see Eleven in a series of flashbacks from her time in the lab (Picture: Netflix)

She was taught how to speak more fluently over the course of the show’s early days, as she and the other kids of Hawkins rescued Will (Noah Schnapp) from the Upside Down.

But in flashbacks shown in the latest group of episodes, fans with a keen eye for detail have noticed that Eleven’s prior communication problems have all but vanished.

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp in Stranger Things (Picture: Courtesy of Netflix)

The teens are back (Picture: Netflix)

‘Eleven couldn’t talk when she initially escaped and met Mike and the gang,’ one viewer noticed. ‘Why in season 4 is she able to speak full sentences in the flashbacks?’

‘Eleven [didn’t] know how to speak and has to be taught by her newfound friends,’ another viewer commented. ‘However, in the flashbacks, Eleven [can] string together more than just a few words, and even some sentences at times.’

However, some fans have offered the explanation that the severe trauma suffered by Eleven during her days under Dr. Brenner’s watchful eye resulted in a speech impediment.

Other fans have suggested that the flashbacks shown are supposed to be unreliable memories, indicating that an explanation could be on the way in Stranger Things 4: Volume 2, set for release in just 4 weeks’ time.

You can watch Stranger Things on Netflix now.


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