Sister Wives fans shocked as they think Christine Brown & her daughter Ysabel, 19, look just like TWINS in birthday pic

SISTER Wives fans are in shock at how much Christine Brown and daughter Ysabel look alike in their latest side-by-side snap.

On Monday, Kody Brown‘s ex celebrated her birthday.

Sister Wives fans think Christine Brown and Ysabel are identicalCredit: Instagram/Ysabel Brown

Fans have been commenting on how "happy" she looks lately

Fans have been commenting on how “happy” she looks latelyCredit: Instagram/Christe_Brownsw

Ysabel, 19, shared a photo of herself and her mom, Christine, on Instagram to mark the special occasion.

In the snap, the TLC star smiled at the camera while her daughter looked at her lovingly, seemingly laughing.

The mother-daughter duo appeared to be dressed up for a theme party, wearing flapper-style dresses and headbands.

In the caption, Ysabel wrote: “happy birthday to my mommy. thank you for everything you are because everything you are is everything that i want to be. you are the most incredible human to have walked this earth and i strive everyday to have a heart life yours.

Sister Wives fans think Christine looks like a 'new person' in happy pic
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“the woman you show up as today is the most beautiful woman in the world and i’m so grateful to have you in this life. the greatest privilege and honor i’ll ever have is having you as my mom.”

Fans couldn’t help but note the resemblance between the two blond beauties, both of whom have long hair and similar features.

One Instagram follower commented: “Twins beaming, free and happy.”

Another wrote: “Gosh you are basically her twin! Gorgeous ladies!”

Several supporters noted how “happy” Christine looked in the photo.


Fans have been echoing that sentiment on many of the reality star’s posts as of late.

Earlier this month, she showed off her major weight loss in a joyous Instagram post.

She shared a sweet snap of herself snuggled in a comfy chair with daughter Truely’s cat, Zelda.

Christine smiled from ear-to-ear wearing a floral dress.

She wrote in the caption: “It just doesn’t get much better than this! Cuddles from Avalon and Truely’s cat, Zelda! #blessed #oma.”

Fans flocked to the comments section to weigh in.

One fan commented: “You look amazing it’s like you have gained a place of happiness! 

“The sadness is gone from your eyes.”

A second added: “Your happiness is palpable! I’m thrilled for you!”

A third chimed in: “I am so happy for you! 

“I hope you are living your absolute best life and by the looks of this picture, you are!”


Since leaving Kody, 53, Christine has shed some serious weight and she’s been proudly showing it off on social media.

She announced the end of her relationship with the TV personality in November 2021.

In the months since, she’s been promoting a nutritional supplement which some speculate has contributed to her weight loss.

She hasn’t revealed her secret so far, nor has she said how much weight she’s lost.


Her weight isn’t all fans have been buzzing about.

Rumors have been swirling that Christine got botox – something she vehemently denies.

The reality star shared a revealing photo in an apparent ad for the nutrition and diet supplement she has been hawking in an attempt to show her own personal progress.

She captioned the post: “If it’s not for you, that’s okay. If it is, great!

“I was in search for something to help with MY digestion, energy & weight. I found this and it works extremely well for ME. 

“I share it just like a friend would with another friend. 

“If you’re interested in learning more, let’s chat. If you’re not, that’s totally okay too!”

In the comments, one fan suggested something else for the 49-year-old: “Couple shots of Botox would help a little.”

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That appeared to set Christine off.

“Thank you so much, Karen,” she replied, using the slang term to refer to the original poster.

She left Kody Brown in November 2021

She left Kody Brown in November 2021Credit: Instagram/christine_brownsw

Christine was spiritually married to her estranged husband

Christine was spiritually married to her estranged husbandCredit: Instagram

Ysabel is one of six kids

Ysabel is one of six kidsCredit: Instagram/Ysabel Brown

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