Saturday Night Takeaway viewers ‘crack up’ as show descends into chaos

read my lips, saturday nigh takeaway

What was going on!? (Picture: ITV)

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway took one week off air and their return has been chaotic to say the least.

Viewers were ‘cracking up’ watching tonight’s show, joking that someone was getting ‘fired’ following a series of technical blunders.

The show started so well, with Ant and Dec buzzing to be back after a week away, but the show quickly descended into chaos during a game of Read My Lips.

As players at home were tasked with reading out names of British TV shows for Line Of Duty star Anna Maxwell Martin to guess, while reading headphones, the first two contestants won Takeaway Getaways.

The third, however, started reading out what sounded like a shopping list, starting with nachos and biriyani, before quickly realising her mistake and switching to Coronation Street.

The Geordie duo were forced to interject though, to apologise for giving her the wrong list to read from.

I’m absolutely screaming at the nachos / biriani mix up on read my lips. 🤣🤣#SaturdayNightTakeaway

— Frank🧔🏽‍♂️ (@frankster___) March 26, 2022

Ok I’m Confused, how did that last woman in READ MY LIPS 👄 got the wrong list of things 🤣🤣

Nachos is that well known British TV Show 🤣🤣🤣 (I’m Sarcastic by the way lol)

Aaron #saturdaynighttakeaway

— All Things Saturday Night Takeaway (@AllThingsSNT) March 26, 2022

The round was re-started and the contestant bagged an impressive £500, thanks to Anna’s speedy guess work, but viewers at home were ‘living’ for the drama.

‘That Read My Lips segment was absolutely hilarious,’ wrote one, with another saying they’re ‘hoping Gogglebox reacts’ to it on Friday.

‘Read My Lips has never been funnier,’ tweeted another viewer, who was left in stitches.

Just when we were convinced things couldn’t get any messier, it seemed even Ant and Dec’s wholesome gesture of dishing out free holidays went wrong.

During the ‘Happiest Minute of the Week’ when the guys cut to unassuming families at home to surprise them with a Takeaway Getaway, a technical fault meant the wrong household was shown on screen before their time.

read my lips, saturday nigh takeaway

Read My Lips was absolute chaos as a contestant was given the wrong list (Picture: ITV)

The parents and children – who were said to be in Lancashire but were, in fact, not in Lancashire at all – wore bewildered expressions before the correct family were given their prize.

‘This may not come as a surprise,’ Dec announced before cutting to the brood later on to give them their Getaway, praising a mum for saving her boys’ lives after their car caught fire.

Naturally, audiences at home were well and truly tickled, with one tweeting: ‘I am screaming at that family having their surprise Takeaway Getaway ruined.’

‘Why is everything going wrong tonight?’ asked another.

But, viewers also praised the Britain’s Got Talent hosts for being ‘pros’ despite all the hiccups.

‘Ant and Dec handle things so well when things go wrong, they just make it funny. Absolute pros,’ said one fan.

Another said that, while tonight’s show was more chaotic than usual, it made it exciting, saying it creates ‘just the right balance.’

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway airs Saturdays on ITV at 7pm.


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