Prue Leith set to star in new science-fiction film with Debbie Harry

It’s a surprising new venture for the Bake Off judge (Pictures: Getty)

Great British Bake Off judge Dame Prue Leith is set to star in a surprising new venture, as she swaps baking with Paul Hollywood to actually being a Hollywood star.

The 82-year-old TV personality will be playing a small role in a sci-fi film, which also stars Blondie singer Debbie Harry.

Dame Prue will be playing the mother of Debbie’s character Admiral Pix.

The film, which also features Dragons’ Den star Deborah Meaden and Derry Girls actress Siobhan Mcsweeney, is called Kepler 62f.

It follows Admiral Pix trying to establish a colony on another planet (called Kepler 62f) in the year 2503, when Earth is left dying after human destruction.

It’s up to Admiral Pix to establish who should be left behind.

Details of who stars in the 82-person cast emerged last night, as Debbie arrived at the film’s screening in London yesterday. ahead of a Blondie tour which starts on Friday in Glasgow.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the film, Debbie said: ‘It’s about conservation and hopefully it not being too late to clean up the mistakes we’ve made through pollution and lack of concern for the environment.’

The film, which is shot mainly over Zoom, also features Dame Prue’s husband John Playfair, and has been made by Prince Charles’s sustainable designer friends Vin and Omi. 

Kepler 62f stars Debbie as Admiral Pix (Picture: Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Debbie, who said Dame Prue ‘is loved’ despite the pair not having met in real life, also admitted she watches Bake Off and finds it ‘creative and also so relaxing.’

An image of Debbie shocked Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain this morning when the presenters were speaking about her upcoming action debut.

The 76-year-old singer’s age defying appearance left Kate gobsmacked, as she asked ‘Is that Blondie now?’ when an image of her aired in the ITV studio.

‘That’s Blondie now, yes,’ entertainment reporter Richard Arnold confirmed, prompting Kate to cry out in shock: ‘What the heck?’

Confused, co-presenter Adil Ray exclaimed: ‘What do you mean, what the heck?’

‘She looks amazing,’ Kate fawned, with Richard agreeing: ‘She has ripened beautifully.’

Kepler 62f will premiere this summer in London and will be available to watch on online platforms.


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