Married At First Sight star ‘degraded’ after man slapped her backside

Married At First Sight star Amy Christophers has expressed how ‘degraded’ she felt after a male punter at a racecourse slapped her behind while she was doing her job as a presenter.

On Saturday, Amy, 35, was at Beverley Racecourse interviewing spectators for Racing TV’s #Raceday, where she regularly speaks to people in attendance at major racecourses.

At one point, she was speaking to a group of men when she challenged them to demonstrate how they would ride a horse.

After they pretended to gallop on the spot while holding their beverages, the man closest to Amy hit her backside, leaving her visibly shocked.

The reality star later stressed how ‘embarrassed’ she felt, after the man challenged for the clip of the incident to be ‘put on the internet’.

‘I felt degraded and embarrassed. He was trying to show me up in front of people,’ she told MailOnline.

Josh and Amy on Married At First Sight UK

Amy was paired with Josh on Married At First Sight UK last year (Picture: Channel 4)

Married At First Sight star Amy Christophers at racecourse

The men were in high spirits as Amy spoke to them on camera (Picture: Daily Mail/Amy Christophers)

‘After the cameras stopped I turned round and said, “Do you really think that was appropriate?”’

Amy added: ‘I don’t expect to go to work and have my backside slapped by a total stranger. It’s not on. He made me feel sick.’

In a statement sent to, Sally Iggulden, Chief Executive at Beverley Racecourse, said they felt ‘appalled’ by the man’s actions.

‘We reached out to Amy immediately after the incident to offer our sincere apologies and support,’ Sally said.

Married At First Sight star Amy Christophers at racecourse

They demonstrated how they would ride a horse after the presenter asked them to (Picture: Daily Mail/Amy Christophers)

Married At First Sight star Amy Christophers at racecourse

One man then went to slap Amy on the backside in a shocking moment (Picture: Daily Mail/Amy Christophers)

The Chief Executive emphasised that the racecourse ‘has always operated a zero tolerance approach to any form of inappropriate disregard’, and the organisation is ‘in the process of studying CCTV footage of the incident’.

‘Anyone found to have committed any offences of this nature can expect a lifetime ban from Beverley Racecourse. We apologise once again for any distress caused to Amy,’ Sally added.

Amy said that while she has a ‘sense of humour’ and ‘can take banter’, what happened on Saturday ‘was too much’.

‘We could hardly use the footage because some people were so disrespectful,’ she said, adding that some of the remarks that were made to her on the day by punters were ‘appalling’.

Married At First Sight star Amy Christophers at racecourse

Amy looked visibly shocked by what had occurred (Picture: Daily Mail/Amy Christophers)

Clive Cottrell of the Racecourse Media Group said: ‘The objective of #Raceday is to showcase what a great day out horse racing is, it aims to get behind the scenes and tell the stories as they happen on course.

‘However, we absolutely don’t condone any type of behaviour that leads to harassment of our presenters. What happened to Amy is absolutely inexcusable – our presenters should be able to do their job without having to encounter this type of behaviour.

‘We have spoken to Amy to check she’s ok and have let her know that we have our full support.’

Amy appeared on Married At First Sight last year, when she tied the knot with her match Josh Christie.

After numerous ups and downs, their relationship ended up coming to an end in the outside world.


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