Louise Thompson’s horror as her teeth and gums ‘go black’ after traumatic birth

LOUISE Thompson has shared her horror after parts of her teeth and gums went “black” after giving birth.

The former Made In Chelsea star was alarmed when she spotted “black staining” in her mouth and yesterday attended her first dental check up in months to fix the issue.

Reality TV star Louise Thompson has revealed her horror at noticing black stains on her teeth and gums following the birth of son LeoCredit: louise.thompson/Instagram

Louise almost died giving birth to son Leo-Hunter and spent a month in hospital recovering

Louise almost died giving birth to son Leo-Hunter and spent a month in hospital recovering

And Louise, 31, had imagined the worst, worrying she had developed leukaemia following her traumatic labour with son Leo.

She told her 1.4 million followers today: “I haven’t felt mentally well enough to book long overdue check ups until now, but a long part of my anxiety is spurred on by physical health issues which need resolving.

“I’ve been stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

She continued: “I have a lot of black staining between my teeth and my gums on my premolars and it’s been stressing me out every time I look in the mirror.

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“I was immobile in hospital for weeks so rarely brushed and I was also on antibiotics for over 2 months which can have an affect on your teeth too…

“But obviously I jumped to the conclusion that I have leukaemia because it can affect your mouth and your gums.

“These are some of the more minor inconveniences you have to live with when you die and miraculously come back to life.”

The traumatic birth in November left her in hospital for a month.

Louise has given a detailed account of her experience with PTSD following Leo’s dramatic entrance into the world.

The TV star explained she is suffering from “depressive panic episodes” that leave her “unable to function” and revealed she spent New Year’s Day in A&E.

Louise wrote alongside a sweet photo of her cuddling up to the little: “Trigger warning: PTSD My experience so far… I can only write when I am not having a depressive panic episode and luckily right now I am not.

“My panic episodes can last hours or days and are totally unpredictable.

“When I’m having one I can’t function, I can’t look after myself, let alone anyone else around me. I can’t even spell my name. I can’t see, I can’t hear, I can’t look anyone in the eye.”

Adding: “They have got so bad that I have convinced myself that I’m going crazy.

“I feel depersonalisation, hyper paranoia as if I’ve taken a million and one drugs and I feel like I’m stuck in another realm.

“I am not myself. If my mind can’t find a physical problem then it will attach itself to a mental one.” 


Louise also explained that the crippling diagnosis has left unable to plan her days because her episodes are so unpredictable. 

“It’s frustrating that I can’t predict them because it means I can’t plan anything,” she continued. “Every day is so uncertain.

“What is certain is that I’m not thinking about anything negative, in fact I’m doing everything I can to try not to spiral… but my subconscious thinks that I’m dying all the time. 

“I think I have boxed my experiences up and buried them, but they are coming back to haunt me. ALL THE TIME.

“My body and mind are in constant fight or flight mode and I quite literally will be triggered by anything. The other day I looked in the mirror and noticed that the underside of my tongue was blue. I thought I was dying.”

If you have been affected by the topics raised in this story please contact Birth Trauma Association for more information at birthtraumaassociation.org.uk

Louise recently paid tribute to her partner Ryan Libby

Louise recently paid tribute to her partner Ryan Libby


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