LeVar Burton rips Jeopardy! for ‘FIXED’ host war between Ken Jennings & Mayim Bialik & says he’s ‘wrecked to be snubbed’

LEVAR BURTON had some words for Jeopardy!.

The Reading Rainbow alum called the game show “FIXED” and said he was “wrecked to be snubbed” for hosts Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik.

LeVar Burton ripped the quiz show Jeopardy!, calling it 'fixed' and his 'snub' from hosting 'a wound'

LeVar Burton ripped the quiz show Jeopardy!, calling it ‘fixed’ and his ‘snub’ from hosting ‘a wound’Credit: AP

After Alex Trebek's tragic 2020 passing from pancreatic cancer, LeVar was considered - but it soon narrowed down to Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik

After Alex Trebek’s tragic 2020 passing from pancreatic cancer, LeVar was considered – but it soon narrowed down to Ken Jennings and Mayim BialikCredit: Getty

After Alex Trebek’s 2020 passing, a scoreboard’s worth of celebrity guest hosts entered the running to be the iconic Jeopardy!’s new host.

It included actress Mayim, 46, and producer Mike Richards – who then stepped down due to misogynistic comments.

Ken, 47, later entered the race and many are leaning towards the 74-time winner to score it for good.

But not Levar, who is hosting the 94th Scripps National Spelling Bee this week and is feeling furious.

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In a clip with Newsy’s In the Loop which airs Wednesday, Levar opened up about not being selected as one of two co-hosts (formerly Mike and Mayim, now Ken and Mayim).

Calling Jeopardy! “The game show that shall not be named,” he shared in the interview that the upcoming National Spelling Bee gig was a “huge balm on an open wound.” 

“The truth is, it was my favorite game show. It really was,” he added.

He shared he had watched since the Art Fleming era, who originally helmed the program starting in 1964 when it aired during the daytime, the late Alex hosting since 1984.

“I honestly thought that I was well-suited for it,” he said, and he didn’t stop there.


“As it turns out, it really wasn’t a competition after all. The fix was in.”

“Experiencing a very public defeat — a humiliation if you will — was sobering.” 

“I think it was in that first week of feeling really, sort of, not just disappointed, but wrecked,” he added.

“I didn’t expect that I would not be their choice for host.”

Luckily he concluded, “The phone hasn’t stopped ringing [since].”

One fan wrote on Twitter as the wild words spread, “Yes, well everyone wanted it. I like LeVar, but truthfully, I prefer Ken Jennings. No Bialik either.”

Another fanned the flames and wrote, “It was very weird when I and others were called conspiracy theorists for pointing out that LeVar and others received extremely poor auditions from Jeopardy.”

However, a third and some others agreed, “I also love LeVar Burton, but sadly his hosting run was very awkward and choppy. Maybe with some serious off-air practice rounds, but it didn’t come naturally to him.”

LeVar tried carrying the torch for Alex along with other guests like Anderson Cooper, fan-favorite alum Buzzy Cohen and others – each given a week or so.


Mayim is currently hosting Jeopardy! – host slot still undecided – returning after alum Ken’s prior three weeks at the helm and announcement he’d be out for “months.”

“I’m handing the keys back to the talented actor-producer-writer-director (!) Mayim Bialik for a few months,” the fan-favorite surprisingly tweeted, adding, “We are lucky to have her! I’ll be back before the end of the season.”

The permanent hosting slot will be announced by the end of Season 38 in July 2022.

The show has seen a simply stunning run of streak holders under the duo.

Rideshare driver Ryan Long is currently 13 games strong, now just a handful shy of Canadian tutor Mattea Roach’s 23-game tear that ended when she lost by $1 earlier this month.

Mattea, Ryan, and Amy Schneider – who won 40 games a few months back – will compete in the Tournament of Champions in November.

While many fans have found Mayim to be a perfectly plucky presence as new champs keep emerging, she has had some “painful” games since returning this month.

She made an off-color joke about marijuana last week and seemed to misunderstand the legacy of the band Queen.

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As a fan earlier tweeted on what’s become a buzzing discussion in pop culture, “I actually like both Ken and Mayim, so that’s that, at least for me.”

However, another fan replied, as many are feeling – the 74-game and Greatest of All Time winner is simply a “better fit for the show.”

LeVar Burton said he was 'wrecked to be snubbed' by Jeopardy! in a wild new interview where he called the quiz show 'fixed'

LeVar Burton said he was ‘wrecked to be snubbed’ by Jeopardy! in a wild new interview where he called the quiz show ‘fixed’Credit: Jeopardy

He felt he wasn't given a fair chance before it narrowed down to Ken Jennings

He felt he wasn’t given a fair chance before it narrowed down to Ken JenningsCredit: ABC

And Mayim Bialik - hosting currently

And Mayim Bialik – hosting currentlyCredit: Getty

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