Jean in drowning horror as she realises she is unwell

REALITY kicks in for Jean Slater as her manic episode worsens next week.

The EastEnders character puts her life in danger as she puts her plans for an extravagant wedding with Harvey Monroe into action.

Jean is out of control next weekCredit: BBC

She is ready to get married to Harvey Monroe

She is ready to get married to Harvey MonroeCredit: BBC

In a surprising twist, Jean (played by Gillian Wright) recently asked for Harvey’s (Ross Boatman) hand in marriage as her erratic behaviour continued to raise concerns.

But in upcoming scenes of the long-running soap, she’s finally set to realise the gravity of her mental state after ignoring her daughter Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) warnings for weeks on end.

It all begins when Harvey loses his temper at Jean after realising how much money she has spent on their wedding.

He tells her he wants to focus on finding a flat in Southend first, urging her to cancel everything while blissfully unaware she has already received her wedding dress.

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Later on, the cabbie has a change of heart and tells her to keep her lavish dress – but Stacey is soon encouraged by Shirley Carter and former husband Martin Fowler to take a stand once again, despite being rejected on multiple occasions.

Stacey marches over to the cab office and pleads with Harvey not to move away from Walford with her mother, as she knows Jean’s behaviour is only being enabled.

The owner of Stacey’s Baps goes a step further when she comes to the realisation Jean has been a distraction for Harvey and begs him not to tie the knot with her.

In later scenes, Harvey picks up on worrying signs and is shocked by Jean’s nonchalant attitude when he tells her Aaron’s life is hanging in balance after a horrific incident behind bars.

He’s even more taken aback when he sees her over the top wedding dress – and slowly realises she might be unwell.

Harvey is desperate to slow things down to keep his son as his main focus and, fuming, Jean moves back in with the Slaters.

But she’s still determined to get her happily ever after.

Drama picks up a pace when Stacey hears that Billy spotted Jean in her wedding dress, claiming she’s getting married the same day.

Unable to locate her, Stacey enlists Martin’s help and after talking to Harvey, realises she’s gone to Southend alone.

Meanwhile, still believing she’s just having some harmless fun, Jean enjoys the sights of Southend as people compliment her dress and she goes to a local funfair.

Stacey and Martin arrive and manage to track her down but they soon see her walking towards the ocean.

Fearing the worst, Stacey runs after Jean and tries to encourage her away from the water.

The truth sets in for Jean as she realises she is unwell, but she resists Stacey’s help.

Back in the Square, Harvey confides in his best friend Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) about Jean and the penny finally drops – she was unwell this whole time.

Harvey breaks down and questions whether Jean ever really loved him.

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How will things evolve for Jean?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Soon, Martin and Stacey go on a mission to find her

Soon, Martin and Stacey go on a mission to find herCredit: BBC

Meanwhile, Harvey realises she may have been unwell all along

Meanwhile, Harvey realises she may have been unwell all alongCredit: BBC


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