Five massive Hollyoaks spoilers for this week

JAMES Nightingale takes his gambling problem a step too far this week in Chester.

This time, the character puts his half-sister Juliet’s life in danger. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming drama in Hollyoaks.

James goes another step too farCredit: LIME PICTURES

1. James gambles with Juliet’s life

James (played by Gregory Finnegan) is still missing from Hollyoaks this week and the Nightingales are desperate to find him.

Donna-Marie can only afford to pay one bill as the family struggles without James’ income.

When Romeo manages to get £50 from selling a shirt, it gives Donna-Marie an idea to raise some cash but tensions soon arise in the household.

In a desperate move, they decide to report Marnie’s car stolen in the hopes that the police will find the vehicle and James still inside.

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However, DS Cohen later arrives with some troubling news.

The situation turns dire and Juliet (Niamh Blackshaw) takes matters into her own hands.

She finds a hidden number in James’ drawer at Dee Valley Law.

When she calls it, Juliet comes face to face with Nick, one of the men who drugged James in earlier scenes at the casino.

Little does she know things will only get worse…

As time ticks away, there’s one more gamble by James that could seriously endanger Juliet.

Will the family be able to forgive James?

John Paul deals with the consequences of the minibus crash

John Paul deals with the consequences of the minibus crashCredit: LIMEPICTURES

2. John Paul receives a chilling note

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the minibus crash which could land John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) into serious trouble.

Fortunately for him, the authorities reveal their final verdict on the incident, believing a bird caused the crash and its devastating consequences are revealed.

Yet Charlie and Mason have their doubts and are determined to find out the truth.

An anonymous note soon reveals that someone knows John Paul’s secret.

Hungover, John Paul spirals and he tries to explain the anonymous note to Prince, throwing accusations everywhere.

He later receives another note and the identity of the sender is revealed to viewers.

But are Charlie and Mason to blame?

Luke's dementia gets the best of him

Luke’s dementia gets the best of himCredit: Lime Pictures

3. Luke spirals out of control

Over on Luke Morgan’s (Gary Lucy) side, the news about his clinical trial is bittersweet.

The company accepts him but demands a £30,000 down payment.

In a bid to raise the money for Luke’s trial, Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) turns to Tony for help.

He comes up with an “ice-bucket” style challenge involving spoonfuls of mustard.

However, things backfire on them when Luke makes a purchase for an expensive holiday with the proceeds.

Zara tries to save her campaign

Zara tries to save her campaignCredit: LIMEPICTURES

4. Zara and Cindy are at loggerheads

But as Luke’s sister Zara (Kelly Condron) gets involved in local politics, things take sour turn.

Cindy scrambles to fix Luke’s mistake and the stress makes her and Zara turn on each other.

Later on, Zara is forced to address the village in order to save her campaign… and she throws Cindy under the bus in the process.

The tension builds between Zara and Cindy.

Can things ever be mended?

Verity is lovelorn

Verity is lovelornCredit: Ray Burmiston / Lime Pictures

5. Verity is heartbroken

Shaq Qureshi (Omar Malik) is still looking for love and Nadira (Aisling O’Shea) is willing to help.

Nadira helps Shaq take pictures for his matrimonial profile as he prepares for a “moral” relationship.

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But when a lovelorn Verity Hutchinson (Eva O’Hara) finds Nadira in Shaq’s arms as they jokingly share a dance and she assumes the worst.

Will Shaq tell her the truth?


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