Dancing On Ice voting results revealed and prove it’s NOT a fix

ITV have released the voting results from the Dancing On Ice final to prove that the show is NOT a fix following fan fury.

The skating competition’s representatives took to Twitter to give the full breakdown of the results from voters watching at home.

Regan was crowned the winner of the latest series of Dancing On IceCredit: Rex

Dancing On Ice revealed the voting breakdown after the complaints

Dancing On Ice revealed the voting breakdown after the complaintsCredit: Rex

Fans were left furious that dancer and performer Regan Gascoigne had taken home the trophy, and suggested the wrong couple had won.

Now, the show has tried to clear the air by revealing the exact way that viewers voted in the competition, breaking it down by percentage.

“Here’s exactly how you voted in last night’s Dancing On Ice final,” the tweet hit back, after many took to social media to complain.

In the battle to stay on to the final two, it was revealed Kimberly Wyatt was voted out with a small 25 percent of the vote.

While Brendan, 45, received 29 percent of the vote, Regan was left with a clear majority at a mammoth 46 percent.

Pussycat Doll star Kimberly, 40, was then announced to be in third place, leaving the final two dancers to battle it out for the top spot.

Regan and Karina won by a mammoth gap, taking home a majority of the vote at 62 percent, which Brendan and Vanessa had just 38.

Furious Dancing On Ice fans slam show as ‘fix’ and claim the wrong couple won
Dancing On Ice winner Regan Gascoigne looks all partied out with sister Bianca

It comes after fans slammed the show as a “fix” after claiming the wrong couple took home the trophy.

Fans took to social media on Sunday night to complain about Regan’s win alongside professional skater Karina Manta.

“I love Regan, but Brendan should have won,” one wrote, as a second chimed in: “Brendan’s bolero was original, he should have won.”

“Brendan should have won! At least his was his own and not copied,” a third chimed, as a fourth agreed: “He came a long way!”

Others suggested that the show had been “fixed”, with Regan planned to win from the beginning, being the judges’ favourite.

“Regan had three major stumbles and still got a 9.5? Fix or what?” one said, as a second added: “How biased are the judges?”

Regan opened the final with a perfect score of 40 for his performance to Step In Time by Mary Poppins Original London Cast.

Last night, Regan headed out partying with his sister Bianca after he was crowned the winner of the ITV skating competition.

Regan lay his head on his sister’s lap as he made his way home from the raucous wrap party.

Regan celebrated his epic win with a boozy bash with celeb dance-offs, an S Club 7 performance and where Christopher Dean gave an emotional speech.

ITV show bosses went all out to throw a party of dreams with champagne and beer on tap, and lavish cupcakes with the contestants’ faces on them, after the Sun revealed the wrap party was finally back on after 2 years of Covid cancellations.

A source said: “The party was wild. It was so much fun. Oti was up on her feet leading everyone to the dancefloor.

“They couldn’t believe it when Kimberley, Conor and then Rachel performed. What a treat. Everyone was going wild for Reach for the Stars.

“After the party they all hung out in the bar. No doubt there would be a lot of sore heads in the morning.”

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