Coronation Street fans distracted by Kevin during car crash

IMRAN Habeeb’s wake-up call continued during last night’s trip to Weatherfield with Kevin Webster getting involved.

But as he was having it out with the solicitor, Coronation Street viewers were seriously distracted by the legendary character’s jacket.

Kevin took a stand for Abi in last night's Corrie instalment

Kevin took a stand for Abi in last night’s Corrie instalmentCredit: ITV

Imran listened to what he had to say

Imran listened to what he had to sayCredit: ITV

But viewers were very distracted by Kevin's scruffy appearance

But viewers were very distracted by Kevin’s scruffy appearanceCredit: ITV

The future is looking VERY bleak for Imran Habeeb (portrayed by Charlie De Melo) and his wife Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor).

After relentlessly fighting for Alfie’s custody – and winning thanks to some unlawful tactics – Imran slowly came to the realisation he was destroying Abi Webster (Sally Carman).

Weatherfield residents have tried to hold a mirror to his recent behaviour, a far cry from his more honourable nature, including Abi’s estranged husband Kevin (Michael Le Vell).

During last night’s Corrie episode, the mechanic was dropping some harsh truths about Abi’s mental state after she was caught by Imran with two fake passports she was planning to use to secretly leave the cobbles with her son.

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Once caught, a distraught Abi walked out and left Alfie with his dad as viewers grew more concerned for her.

This led to Kevin desperately trying to look for her and confronting Imran over his past actions.

But while both men came to an agreement, with Imran ready to come clean and giving Kevin the fake passports, the camera zoomed in on their hands – and viewers were shocked to see the latter’s jacket sleeve in tatters.

The garment’s severely frayed cuffs and worn out appearance caused a storm on Twitter.

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“Kevin Webster has been wearing this jacket for easily 30 years. He goes to work in it, he wears it out. I bet he even wears it in bed”, one viewer quipped.

Another added: “Has anyone in the history of the world, ever owned a coat for as long as Kevin from Coronation Street has had that purple one?”

“Jeez Kevin Webster is getting more scruffy as Coronation Street goes on he is a good bath and a shower”, a third penned.

Kevin’s jacket wasn’t distracting enough for Imran as he listened to his words of wisdom.

Ready to take accountability for bribing Ben to lie in court, the solicitor left his wife a chilling message before eventually winding up at the police station with her.


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Meanwhile, Alfie was left at the Bistro with a preoccupied Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) to look after him.

Worried when she didn’t hear anything from her sister, the restaurant owner decided to give her a call.

Unbeknownst to her, but as viewers were quickly made aware, Toyah and Imran were in a horrific car crash.

The couple were left unconscious, their lives hanging in balance as the episode ended and cameras panned out to reveal they had crashed into a building site.

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Will they make it?

Find out tonight as Coronation Street airs on ITV.

Kevin was handed the fake passports

Kevin was handed the fake passportsCredit: ITV

And Imran's crisis of conscience continued

And Imran’s crisis of conscience continuedCredit: ITV

Sadly, Imran was left unconscious in a car crash with his wife Toyah as he decided to come clean

Sadly, Imran was left unconscious in a car crash with his wife Toyah as he decided to come cleanCredit: PA


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