BGT 2022: Simon Cowell threatens to storm off amid David Walliams row

Simon Cowell looked like he was on the verge of storming off the stage during tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent when he and David Walliams quarrelled over the first act of the night ahead of Sunday’s final.

Tonight, dance group Les Sancho were the first semi-finalist act to take to the stage, performing a routine packed with Matrix-style choreography, before transitioning into a dance set to J Balvin and Willy William’s hit track Mi Gente.

While the collective – who also appeared on the French version of the show – delighted the audience, Simon was not as easily impressed, hitting his dreaded red buzzer midway through the performance.

Afterwards, he explained his reasoning behind his decision, saying: ‘I loved your first audition, because it was all about fun, personality, surprises,’ while telling the audience who had begun booing to ‘shut up’.

‘This was everything I’ve seen before with a dance group, but other times it was better. So I think on the semi-finals, you’ve got to be better than your first audition.’

In response, David exclaimed: ‘Why don’t you just go home?’, to which Simon replied: ‘I will,’ as the media mogul got up from his chair.

Britain's Got Talent judges

Simon looked like he might leave the stage as the judges butted heads (Picture: ITV)

Simon Cowell on BGT

‘Why don’t you just go home?’ David said, to which Simon replied: ‘I will’ (Picture: ITV)

Fellow judge Amanda Holden appeared exasperated, throwing her hands up in the air as Simon waved at the audience in the theatre.

However, he didn’t go far, as David urged him to return to his seat.

‘No don’t, because you pay our wages,’ the children’s author said, sparking laughter.

David commended Les Sancho on how they’re able to ‘surprise’ with their routines, saying their semi-final performance was ‘really, really joyful’.

‘You were giving it everything,’ he said, adding that they didn’t do anything ‘wrong’ despite Simon’s red buzzer.

This prompted Simon to explain himself further, chiming in to add: ‘I don’t think it was as good, and I really loved your first audition, I was so excited to see you tonight.’

‘You’re digging yourself a big hole,’ David remarked.

David Walliams on BGT

However, David urged Simon to return (Picture: ITV)

Les Sancho on Britain's Got Talent

Les Sancho sparked cheers when they asked the audience if they liked the performance (Picture: ITV)

Alesha Dixon, on the other hand, said that while their first audition might have been stronger because it was a ‘surprise’, their ‘energy tonight was fantastic’.

Amanda then said: ‘I thought you were on point with choreography and technique, but I did think it lacked the joy and the fun of your first audition,’ as she received boos from the audience, along with David.

Tonight, two more acts will go through to the final after the third semi-final of the week.

The two new finalists will join busker Maxwell Thorpe, ventriloquist Jamie Leahey, impressionist Ben Nickless and music duo Flintz & T4ylor.

Britain’s Got Talent returns tomorrow at 8pm on ITV and ITV Hub.


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