American Song Contest 2022 LIVE

AMERICAN Song Contest is back again tonight, with the new hit show entering its second week.

Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg host the show, which airs at 8pm ET Monday nights on NBC, and is designed to be America’s answer to the Eurovision Song Contest.

On the first episode of the show last week, pop star AleXa represented Oklahoma with a performance of her original song Wonderland, featuring backup dancers and impressive choreography.

The contest will play out over eight weeks, ahead of a finale on May 9.

Musicians from all 50 states, five surrounding territories, and Washington, DC will compete in the contest.

The participants who are already established, well-recognized performers include:

  • Macy Gray (Ohio)
  • Sisqó (Maryland)
  • Riker Lynch (Colorado)
  • Michael Bolton (Connecticut)
  • Jewel (Alaska)
  • Tenelle (American Somoa)
  • Justin Jesso (Illinois)
  • Jordan Smith (Kentucky)
  • Yam Haus (Minnesota)
  • The Crystal Method (Nevada)
  • ENISA (New York)
  • Alan Stone (Washington)
  • Judd Hoos (South Dakota)
  • AleXa (Oklahoma)

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  • Who are the contestants?

    Musicians from all 50 states, five surrounding territories, and Washington, DC will compete in the contest.

    On March 3, 2022, NBC revealed information regarding the participants competing in American Song Contest.

    The competitors include a mix of relatively unknown musicians, as well as singer-songwriters who already found mainstream success.

  • Who are the hosts?

    Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg host the competition series.

  • Eurovision in America

    Many Americans were introduced to Eurovision thanks to the Netflix movie starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams.

    The Story of Fire Saga was a hit Netflix comedy film that featured Ferrell and McAdams’s characters competing to perform at the Eurovision contest.

  • How does Eurovision work, part three

    The winner is determined based on a point system, and the performer with the most points wins.

    The prize is a chance to perform the winning song yet again, a trophy, and their country getting the honor of hosting Eurovision the next year.

  • How does Eurovision work, part two

    Six countries — France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, plus the host country — automatically pre-qualify for the semi-final.

    Everyone else has to qualify for the semi-final through competition.

    From there, the Grand Final takes place.

  • How does Eurovision work?

    Each participating broadcaster from each country submits their performers (no more than 6 people) and song (no more than 3 minutes).

    Countries either send their “rising star” or their hottest talent to perform.

    The selection process varies — sometimes, it’s by internal decision, and other times, it’s by a “voting” style process.

  • What is Eurovision?

    The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual international songwriting contest where European countries compete with extravagant musical productions.

    The contest started in 1956 and has been widely successful, bringing acclaimed artists like ABBA and Celine Dion to worldwide attention.

  • What is American Song Contest, continued

    Plans to develop an American version of the song contest began circulating as early as 2006.

    It wasn’t until 2019, that Eurovision producers Christer Björkman and Ola Melzig secured the rights to launch an American adaptation.

    According to Björkman, various cities across Nevada and Florida had been considered for hosting duties, including Orlando, Tampa, and Las Vegas.

  • What is American Song Contest?

    Based on Eurovision, American Song Contest is a nationwide singing competition.

    Eurovision first debuted in 1956 and features artists from primarily European countries facing off with original music.

    In 1971, Eurovision was broadcast in the continental United States for the first time.

  • Can you stream American Song Contest?

    The competition series is available for streaming on a couple of different apps.

    For viewers who can’t catch the cable broadcasts of American Song Contest, they can access the show at their convenience through Hulu or Peacock.

  • What channel is it on?

    American Song Contest airs at 8pm ET Monday nights on NBC.

  • How many episodes are there?

    The show is set to take place over a total of eight weeks, with the show’s Grand Final scheduled for May 9.

  • What time is American Song Contest on?

    American Song Contest is back tonight for another epic night of performances.

    It airs at 8pm ET.

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