30 Controversial Movie And TV Show Villains People In This Online Group Just Can’t Hate

A character can’t become a hero if there is no villain he has to fight and win against. Villains are as important to the story as the hero, even though we often hate them, but without them, it wouldn’t be as interesting to watch a movie or read a book. 

Even though we are supposed to hate the villains as they are being evil and causing chaos, sometimes they are also relatable and showing emotions that we also experience but suppress. A person on Reddit, Rito_Harem_King wanted to know specific villains that people can’t force themselves to hate and more than 25k people joined the conversation. 

We would like to know if a villain that you can’t hate is in this list and if not, fel free to mention them in the comments! Also, don’t forget to upvote the ones that you agree with!

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eye_yoda said:
Yzma and Kronk.

smr120 replied:
Kronk, I agree 100%. Yzma was charismatic, sure, but still definitely needed to be defeated/turned into a cat because she was mean to Kronk about his spinach puffs.

eye_yoda , Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Report

Hela (Thor: Ragnorak, 2017)Hela from Thor: Ragnorak

You’re brought up to be your fathers champion as yall conquer the realms only for him to have a change of heart and lock you up. As if that’s not bad enough, you’re erased from the history of the empire you helped create.

UnknownExo , Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Report

Magneto (X-Men Franchise)walkingmyhellhounds said:
Magneto. Dude kinda had a point.

beforesunsetreindeer replied:
Was going to be my answer, as well. Epically when you dig into his and Charles’ past and how they used to be besties, still gets me 🙁

walkingmyhellhounds , Saban International Report

The Grinch (How The Grinch Stole Christmas, 2000)6bfmv2 said:
The Grinch

steakandcheese1 replied:
He wouldn’t be so grumpy if there wasn’t a dude singing songs, every 5 minutes, about what a piece of s**t he is.

6bfmv2 , Bennilover Report

Gollum (The Hobbit)Gollum. Not his fault he got caught up in all this demi-gods magical world domination malarkey, he just went fishing…

BertVimes , NACON Report

Bowser (Super Mario)You can’t hate my man bowser. Dude has 8 kids, legit go karts and plays sports with Mario and his kids. He’s looking out for his kids by kidnapping Peach so they can have a mom lol

AbstractElite , Marco Verch Report

Darth Maul (Star Wars Franchise)Darth Maul of course. Poor guy might’ve been dangerous and had evil scattered throughout his career, but you have to remember he was just a pawn of Sidious. He realized this too late and tried to even tell others but nope. At least he passed an honorable death against Kenobi.

ExoCraft5000 , Quarax Report

Gargamel (The Smurfs)Gargamel. Look, if I was a grumpy old warlock and a bunch of little f**kin’ gnome people sang their songs about love and peace when I just wanted QUIET, I’m just saying, they probably taste like blueberries.

Chilcha , Sony Pictures Report

Clyde Alexander Shelton (Law Abiding Citizen, 2009)The dude from Law Abiding Citizen. He was the goddamn protagonist and the writers didnt have the balls to see his story through

Ninjabonez86 , Overture Films Report

King Dice (The Cuphead Show, 2022)King Dice from The Cuphead Show. I mean who could hate a man who rocks a purple suit, is an incredible smooth talker, and has an amazing singing voice.

SpiderBarbie1997 , Netflix Report

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