Tucker Carlson angers BTS fans after ridiculing the boyband’s White House visit

Tucker Carlson, the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, has angered BTS fans with comments he made about the boyband’s White House visit.

The K-pop juggernauts had visited the White House on May 31 to meet President Joe Biden and take part in a press briefing. During the event, the boyband addressed the issue of “Asian inclusion and representation” and discussed their roles “as youth ambassadors who spread a message of hope and positivity across the world”.

Following the boyband’s address at the White House, the Carlson slammed Biden for inviting the boyband and ridiculed BTS’ appearance at the White Show on an episode of his show. “Things have gotten very bad for Joe Biden, both public-facing and internally,” Carlson told viewers.

“What are they doing about it? Well, they broke glass in case of emergency and invited a Korean pop group to speak at the White House today,” he quipped. “Yeah, so we got a Korean pop group to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States. Okay. Good job, guys.”

Things are going so poorly at the White House that even the media can no longer ignore it. pic.twitter.com/wmqZxpi81r

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) June 1, 2022

BTS fans, also officially known as ARMYs, were quick to push back against the Fox News talk show host for his comments. “So the most influential band in the world speaks about Asian hate, because their words actually make a difference and that’s bad?” wrote on fan. Meanwhile, others have labelled his comments about the boyband as “stupid, racist and ignorant”, writing that “no one doubts the power of ARMY”.

So the most influential band in the world speaks about Asian hate, because their words actually make a difference and that’s bad? but you work for Fox and support Trump, and are what, US saviour? You are WHAT IS WRONG in the US. Stop hating on BTS #BTSatTheWhiteHouse #BTSARMY 💜 pic.twitter.com/qJTgVa9rqH

— PROOF – With You – That That (@graciela_chilin) June 1, 2022

so this tucker carlson dude attacks BTS, & by that we mean he’s just being stupid, racist, & ignorant, but the locals in the comments laughing and saying he should be scared bc he’s gonna get what he deserved…. no one doubts the power of army. this is so powerful of us phew pic.twitter.com/pMlmKdhf9D

— kiki⁷ 💿 (@jkjimins) June 1, 2022

Meanwhile, Twitter users who do not seen to be fans of the K-pop boy group have also spoken out against Carlson, with one noting on Twitter that “it will be K-pop fans who finally bring him down”. Neither Carlson nor Fox News have addressED the online backlash as of writing.

So it will be K-Pop fans who finally bring him down.

— Carl the Recluse, socially distant and awkward (@ButIDigressBlog) June 1, 2022

After BTS’ visit to the White House, US President Joe Biden shared in a new video to Twitter, offering a new look at the boyband’s recent visit. “This is an important month here in America. A lot of our Asian American friends have been subject to real discrimination,” Biden said in the video. “Hate only hides. When good people talk about it, and say how bad it is, it goes down. So thank you.”


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