Harry Styles announces new single As It Was with teasing promo pics

The first single from Harry’s House is upon us (Picture: Hanna Moon/@harrystyles/Columbia Records

Harry Styles has announced the single from his third album and we can only apologise for the people we are about to become.

The Watermelon Sugar hitmaker, 28, well and truly set the cat among the pigeons this afternoon when he confirmed that As It Was is the title of the lead single from Harry’s House.

Harry caused a frenzy online when he announced his album title and artwork last week, with millions of people now counting down to May 20.

As if fans needed to be more hyped, the former One Direction star posted a series of teasing promo pics to offer a glimpse of what’s to come from his next music video.

In true dramatic Harry fashion, he tweeted simply: ‘As It Was. April 1.’ alongside three images of his back, showing off his collection of tattoos and toned muscles.

The Adore You hitmaker wore a bedazzled red outfit and complimentary red nail polish, which is surely only one of the chic ensembles we are about to see in his next era.

Taking to Twitter to express all the emotions, fans really were not ok.

‘I’m neither physically or mentally ready for Friday to come,’ tweeted one.

Another wrote: ‘Every day i thank the universe that i exist at the same time as harry styles’

‘You all know it’s gonna be a masterpiece,’ said one excited fan.

Fans had suspected that something big was coming after posters started appearing in various cities around the world, hinting at the single’s lyrics.

In places such as Rome, Berlin, Paris and New York City, purple posters with a black and white photo of the star started popping up, reading: ‘It’s not the same as it was.’

Knowing what we know now, these seem to be lyrics, but it remains to be seen whether the forthcoming single is a ballad we’ll be crying in the shower to, or a hairbrush-in-front-of-the-mirror kinda vibe.

Furthermore, a Twitter account named You Are Home appeared mysteriously a few weeks prior to Harry’s album announcement, and they’ve been tweeting what seem like song lyrics.

The account, naturally, has over 500k followers, and one tweet reads: ‘in this world, it’s just us, you know it’s not the same as it was,’ alluding to a pretty heart-wrenching single.

Harry has been spotted on a couple of occasions in recent weeks filming music videos, one of which involved him rolling past Buckingham Palace on a giant bed – casual.

in this world, it’s just us, you know it’s not the same as it was

— You Are Home (@youarehome) March 21, 2022

whisper to your houseplants
sing to your neighbors

— You Are Home (@youarehome) March 25, 2022

find a moment of calm
colour it in

— You Are Home (@youarehome) March 28, 2022

Another set of pics showed him donning a pair of red sequin trousers and pillarbox red coat – could this be connected to the promo pics for As It Was? Time will tell.

It may only be March, but Harry fans have got so much to look forward to throughout the rest of 2022, as he kicks of the European leg of his Love On Tour shows in stadiums this summer.

Then in September, he will support Florence Pugh as she takes centre stage in 1950s thriller Don’t Worry Darling, which is directed by real-life girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

So, buckle up because Harry is taking us all for a ride.

Harry’s House is available May 20, As It Was drops on April 1.


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