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UKRAINE-based talent bookers and promoters Rhys Bainham and Vlad Yaremchuk have called upon their friends in the industry to donate tracks to form the ‘Together with Ukraine’ compilation album.

Released last week via BANDCAMP all revenue will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society.

The response has been overwhelming, with 136 tracks from leading record labels and artists from across the Drum & Bass scene donated in just a matter of days and since it was released last Friday has already raised over £50,000.

The compilation features a vast selection of unreleased music, as well as contributions from multiple visual artists across Europe. The project has been supported by leading Drum & Bass labels Hospital Records, RAM Records, Critical Music, Metalheadz, Shogun Audio and more, with tracks from artists including Noisia & Phace, S.P.Y, DJ Marky & Makoto, Halogenix, Kasra, Black Sun Empire & Nymfo, Modestep, Seba, Grafix, Monty, Nu:Tone, Unglued, Pola & Bryson, IMANU, Om Unit and dozens more from the D&B and wider bass music scenes.

 Dancing together...Vlad Yaremchuk's Atlas festival

Dancing together…Vlad Yaremchuk’s Atlas festival

We caught up with Vlad this week and he told us how Rhys and himself went about setting up the project and his reaction to amazing amount the compilation has raised so far:

“The idea to make this project came to me during a sleepless night on February 27th. Later that morning I got in touch with my dear friend Rhys, who moved from UK to Ukraine more than a year ago to share my thoughts and we started working. At that point, we had no idea what the result would end up looking like, I just thought of previous charity projects within the Drum & Bass community that I supported myself previously like Bou’s DNB 4 Peace, Music For Aleppo and #SaveFabric. Having seen unanimous support for Ukraine on my favourite artists’ social pages I knew that such a project has to happen. We also knew that we have to release it as soon as possible since the situation was getting worse every day and thus, we needed to release the project as soon as we can to start raising funds for humanitarian help and also to generate awareness. As a result, we landed on March 4th as the release date, a decision that was only reinforced by the fact that it is Bandcamp Friday, meaning Bandcamp won’t be taking its 15% cut from the funds that we raise.

Rhys is a successful UK promoter and has tons of connections, especially within the D&B scene so he got in touch with multiple labels, agents, PR people and many others and thus we got to work. I started reaching out to producers and other people from the scene myself as well and recruited the help of my great friends – Piotr aka Alegria from Poland, Jan from Germany, Rostislav aka uno from Russia, Bohdan aka umanema and my girlfriend Diana aka mistakhova from Ukraine who all contributed ungodly hours helping in every way imaginable to put this project together. All of us had a network of contacts which created a ripple effect that took this project to a completely next level. The whole scene was incredibly supportive of our project with many producers and labels going out of their way to not only contribute their own work but also to recruit many others to help and contribute. Many producers hit up their peers or introduced us to all kinds of promo channels. It was impossible to comprehend the scope of what we were making as time was extremely limited and things were very hectic, but we were all blown away just by how quickly the whole D&B and wider Bass community mobilized to help us make this a reality. Drum & Bass music is one of my biggest passions in life, but sadly, while being in the middle of this war I cannot listen to any music, yet seeing all my favourite producers, dear friends and all the distant corners of the scene come together like never before and give their everything to help the people of Ukraine helped me retain my sanity and only reinforced my passion for this music and this community. It is truly special.

Honestly, we still cannot process the sheer scale of what we managed to achieve here and I am eternally grateful to every single person that helped us make “Together with Ukraine” what it is. At the time of writing (3PM GMT March 9th) we got more than 66,000 GBP and yesterday we were finally able to make the first donation of more than 51,000 GBP to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, which is just unbelievable. We thank everyone who purchased and supported this compilation and it was heartwarming to see that most were eager to donate more than the asking price since they understood the importance of our cause. We encourage everyone to not only support our project but also to seek out other ways in which one can help Ukraine. I can recommend checking out this WEBSITE for that.”


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