Who did Pasha Lee play in The Hobbit?

UKRAINIAN actor and TV host Pasha Lee bravely quit his job and joined the army to defend his country from the Russian invasion.

Sadly he was killed in a shelling, leaving his country and fans around the world in mourning.

Pasha Lee was a popular TV and film starCredit: Instagram

Who did Pasha Lee play in The Hobbit?

Pasha didn’t actually feature physically in The Hobbit but he lent his voice to the movie.

In fact he voiced leading character Bilbo Baggins in the Ukrainian translation of the film.

The movie was released back in December 2012.

Pasha went on to dub all three Hobbit films for the Ukraine.

He was also a voiceover artist on the Ukrainian language version of Lion King.

Who was Pasha Lee and how did he die?

Pasha was born in Crimea, a part of Ukraine that was later annexed by Russia.

The 33-year-old rose to fame in Europe with parts in 2016 action-comedy Selfie Party as well as 2017 sports-action film The Fight Rules.

He also has a credit in Meeting Of Classmates, from 2019.

Pasha was most famous as a host on the popular Ukrainian entertainment programme Day At Home.

He died on March 7, 2022 defending his country against the Russian invasion.

His death was confirmed by Sergiy Tomilenko, President of Ukraine’s National Union of Journalists.

Tomilenko said he wanted to “express sincere condolences to [Pasha’s] family and loved ones”.

Julia Ostrovsky, head of the platform which aired Lee’s show Day At Home, described him as the “most joyful and sunny” of their TV presenters.

He only joined Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Force a week before he was killed amid Russian shelling in Irpin, just northwest of Kyiv.

Lee was active on social media and posted a photo of himself on March 5, 2022, in which he was wearing military gear.

It was captioned: “For the last 48 hours there is an opportunity to sit down and take a picture of how we are being bombed, and we are smiling because we will manage and everything will be UKRAINE WE ARE WORKING.”

He also took to Instagram to share resources for helping Ukrainian refugees across the world.


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