How to watch the superhero films in order

MARVEL’s X-Men is one of the most memorable superhero gang in comic book history.

With a plethora of films deriving from the comics, it’s important to watch them in order. Here’s a list of the films arranged chronologically help you. Contains spoilers!

The first X-Men movie ever released was shown in cinemas back in 2000

The first X-Men movie ever released was shown in cinemas back in 2000Credit: Handout

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1. X-Men: First Class

Released: 2011

First Class is the fifth X-Men film released by Fox but is the origin story for many of the significant characters in the X-Men Cinematic Universe.

The plot follows the story of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) in the early years of their adulthood.

The two join forces by assembling a gang of mutants to stop a fellow mutant Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) from triggering a nuclear war.

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Released: 2014

Set in 2023, mutants find themselves being hunted and murdered by robots known as Sentinels.

Superhero Kitty Pryde (Elliott Page) uses their mutant abilities to send Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back to 1973 to change the course of history.

Wolverine sets out on a mission to find Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) from assassinating the creator of the Sentinels, Bolivar Trask (Peter


3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Released: 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine delves into the life of the iconic and near-indestructible Wolverine.

The plot begins with an insight into Logan’s childhood in Canada in the 1840s.

Thanks to their healing-factor mutation, the brothers continue to fight as soldiers up until they’re recruited by William Stryker (Danny Huston) where they join a special task force: Team X.

4. X-Men: Apocalypse

Released: 2016

The film features all-power villain called Apocalypse who is awakened in 1983 after being entombed in ancient Egypt.

Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), the very first mutant, wakes from his tomb with the intent of destroying the world.

The X-Men set out to stop Apocalypse from ending the world as we know it.

5. Dark Phoenix

Released: 2019

Dark Phoenix was the most recent movie in the X-Men franchise.

Following the success of stopping the Apocalypse eight years prior, the X-Men are hailed as heroes worldwide.

The superheroes are then sent to on a mission to save a group of endangered astronauts.

In this film, a young Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) is the only mutant with the strength to destroy a new intruder.

6. X-Men

Released: 2000

Although this is the first ever film in the franchise, the X-Men movie should be watched after the first five.

The iconic movie stars Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Ian McKellan as Magneto.

With the Mutant Registration Act all mutants are require to add their names to a government database thus exposing themselves as mutants.

The mutants become divided on whether to fight the bill or comply with the humans.

7. X2

Released: 2003

A mutant by the name of Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming) attempts to assassinate the President which gives the authorities an opportunity to investigate Xavier’s special school for mutants.

Colonel William Stryker (Bryan Cox) leads a team to capture Professor X and Cyclops (James Marsden).

It’s then exposed that Colonel Stryker used his son’s mutant abilities of mind control to manipulate Professor X into killing all mutants.

8. X-Men: The Last Stand

Released: 2006

A cure for the genome responsibly for creating mutants is marketed by a company called Worthington Labs.

The new ‘cure’ creates a divide in the mutant community which leads Magneto to revive his Brotherhood of Mutants.

Things start to go pear-shaped after a dangerous persona of Jean Grey (Famke Jansen) is brought to life after she rises from the dead after being sacrificed.

9. The Wolverine

Released: 2013

Following Jean’s death in the previously mentioned film, Wolverine has become a recluse in the woods.

He is found by Yukio (Rila Fukushima), a mutant with the power to foresee anyone’s death.

She asks Wolverine to come with her to Japan to meet with Ichiro Yashida, a character Wolverine once saved from death.

10. Logan

Released: 2017

Set in 2029, the film follows the life of Wolverine who is now living as Logan – a limo driver.

The world has changed and hasn’t had a mutant birth in 25 years.

The hero’s mutant healing factor has started to diminish and Logan is caring for a dementia-riddled Charles Xavier.

When a young girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) appears with powers eerily similar to his, Logan sets out to protect her.


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