Horror movies 2022: Halloween Ends, X and other thrills to expect

Michael Myers will be making a comeback in Halloween Ends later this year (Picture: Universal Pictures)

SXSW was quite unexpectedly – but brilliantly – taken over by the most underrated genre of them all – horror. 

It’s only March and already we’ve seen big-name horror franchises dominate screens with the long-awaited Scream sequel finally slashing its way into cinemas, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (for better or worse) debuting on Netflix. 

But, we just didn’t know how good it would get with the South By SouthWest festival teasing the lower-budget gems that promise to become the biggest horror releases of the year. 

Without further adieu, here are the upcoming horror movies both mainstream and under-the-radar that we expect to chill you to the bone. 

Best horrors to expect in 2022


If horror legend Steven King says it’s good, who are we to argue?

Director Ti West has enjoyed cult success with films such as The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers, but he may have released his most acclaimed body of work yet with X. 

X follows a group of actors who set out to make an adult film in rural Texas under the noses of their reclusive hosts, but when the elderly couple catches their young guests in the act, the cast finds themselves in a desperate fight for their lives. 

It also stars Jenna Ortega who, let’s face it, completely stole the show in this year’s Scream. 

Many have hailed X as one of the best horrors in recent years but King’s tweet sums it up: ‘X is an extremely good horror movie. Scary, smart, knowing. Oh. And entertaining.’ 

West was so confident in his work that he’s already shot a prequel to the film with Mia Goth reprising her role. 

Basically, it’s all the rage right now so you should go see it or risk FOMO. 

Release date: Out now

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Pete Davidson, Amandla Sternberg and Maria Bakalova star in this A24 slasher, which follows a group of wealthy 20-somethings hosting a party at a remote mansion where they take shelter from a hurricane. They end up playing a brutal game which quickly turns nasty. 

The film, directed by Halina Reijn, debuted at SXSW and has received rave reviews since. 

Release date: TBC

Watcher (June 3) 

This upcoming Shudder piece of art received glowing reviews at SXSW and also Sundance. 

Directed by Chloe Okuno, it follows an American woman who moves into a new apartment in Bucharest, Romania with her fiancé only to be tormented by the feeling that she is being stalked by an unseen watcher in an adjacent building. 

But, what happens when no one believes her? 

Bitch Ass

The title alone has sold us on this one! 

Tony Todd aka Candyman aka horror icon stars in Bitch Ass, which sees a gang initiation goe wrong when a group of four recruits break into a house of horror, as they’re all forced to play deadly games for their lives. Win and you live – lose and you die.

Release date: TBC


Well, that trailer has us well and truly #triggered. 

You might know Aisha Dee best as one of the fabulous stars of The Bold Type (RIP, by the way), and she’s taking the lead in this horror which, frankly, is making us terrified of going on another hen night ever again. 

It centres on teenage best friends Cecilia and Emma who, after a decade apart, run into each other. 

Emma invites Cecilia on her bachelorette weekend and what could go wrong? 

As it turns out, a hell of a lot as Cecilia finds herself stuck in a remote cabin with her high school bully who, naturally, is bloodthirsty for revenge. 

Release date: TBC

Halloween Ends

This one is bittersweet as Halloween Ends will close the reboot trilogy as we know it… unless Michael Myers manages to survive gunshots, fires and window falls for the umpteenth time. 

Halloween Kills poster

Halloween Ends will follow on directly from the events of Halloween Kills (Picture: Universal)

The final instalment is expected to continue immediately after the events of the second sequel, Halloween Kills, where * SPOILER * we lost a pretty major character and Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) was gearing up for the biggest fight of her life. 

The one question on everyone’s lips is no doubt: Will evil die tonight? 

Judging by Michael’s track record, we’ll hazard a guess no but Michael’s fate will be revealed this October.

Release date: October 14


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