Boiling Point: Was the Netflix film shot in a real restaurant?

Stephen Graham’s new flick Boiling Point has just dropped on Netflix and fans are racing to watch the acclaimed film.

The Line of Duty star plays a head chef who has to coordinate his team on the busiest day of the year.

It was nominated for four Baftas, and has been critically acclaimed.

Meanwhile, viewers have had high praise for Stephen, who stars alongside Vinette Robinson and Alice Feetham.

Was Boiling Point filmed in a real restaurant?

Stephen was in his element (Picture: CHRISTIAN BLACK)

Boiling Point was filmed in the Dalston restaurant Jones & Sons in London.

It’s owned by one of director Phil Barantini’s best friends, Andy Jones, with Graham’s character being named after him.

The cast also shadowed the real staff in the restaurant to learn knife skills and how to portray working in a kitchen accurately.

Andy told TimeOut: ‘There wasn’t too much disruption, it was like one big dysfunctional family. 

‘A few of my staff were extras in the film. My manager Chloe O’Brien was heavily linked to the producers, and we catered for everyone on set as well.’

Was Boiling Point filmed in one shot?

Stephen Graham in Boiling Point

The film won four Baftas (Picture: Vertigo)

Boiling Point was, incredibly, filmed in one shot.

Stephen was clearly in his element, saying at a screening in January: ‘For me, it is the most zen acting I have ever done in my life.’

‘When you’re acting you’re always told it’s about being in the moment and living for that moment you’re in,’ he explained.

‘With that you have no choice because you are actually right in the moment and in the environment.’

Phil added to The Skinny of the decision: ‘We wanted to add that layer of tension.

‘We didn’t want it to be a show-off thing. Because when you’re in a busy service, it is one take; you don’t get the chance to stop for 20 minutes and have a chat.’

Boiling Point is on Netflix now.


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