Pubs are pleading for students, furloughed and out-of-work Brits to save our summer by filling job vacancies

PUBS, restaurants and hotels are pleading for students, furloughed and out-of-work Brits to save our summer — and fill job vacancies.

A staffing crisis means some venues will not have enough workers to reopen a week on Monday, when Covid restrictions are eased. 

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Pubs are pleading for students, furloughed and out-of-work Brits to fill job vacanciesCredit: Paul Edwards / The Sun

About 650,000 workers have left the hospitality industry during the pandemic and many will not return because they want more job security.

Others went home to the EU and cannot return because of Brexit.

Pubs also report a rush of workers resigning the day they return to work, after delaying giving notice so they could benefit from furlough pay.

Some venues made staff redundant in lockdown and now cannot recruit enough — and table service means pubs’ workforces must double in size.

And even more hotel staff are needed to cope with a UK staycation boom. Steven Alton, boss of the British Institute of Innkeeping, said: “We’d encourage students and people ­unemployed after losing jobs in other industries to apply in hospitality.”

The UK hospitality industry’s 2.3million workforce of a year ago — including furloughed staff — has fallen by 28 per cent, analysts Fourth say.

Kate Nicholls, who runs UKHospitality, said: “Some have been on furlough and taken a job in another sector, and now say they don’t want to return.”

The Sun says

WHEN Covid first struck, the main ­economic fear was mass unemployment.

But the Government’s rescue plan kept countless firms and jobs alive.

And the real problem, it turns out, is that pubs, hotels and restaurants cannot recruit fast enough to reopen on May 17.

We’d rather see a glut of vacancies than four million on the dole.

But those empty jobs are still a nightmare the hospitality trade must resolve in days.

Millions could be eligible. But recruitment agencies claim they don’t have the skills. So train them . . . quickly.

And if you need work, look no further than your local. Be ready to learn fast.

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